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Best apps and games for Android (2023)

Best apps and games for Android (2023)


Every week we round up the best new apps and games that have landed on Google Play in the last few days.

Best apps and games for Android of 2023
We show you some of our favorite applications discovered in this year 2023

If what you are looking for are new apps and games to try, you are in luck because we bring you a few options that will not leave you indifferent. Every month, we will select the best new applications, and the best newcomer games that are most entertaining or that we liked the mostso you can try them for yourself on your Android device.

Usually we will select new free apps and gamesalthough frequently we will also highlight some paid apps. In that case, it may be a good option to resort to the apps to get money to spend on Google Play.

I wouldn’t miss them! And of course don’t forget to share your discoveries with us. Here we go!

Best new apps of 2023


Artifact interface on an iPhone

This is how the interface of Artifact, the new social network from the creators of Instagram, looks like

From the same people who created instagramHere comes one of the best news apps we’ve seen in a long time. His name is Artifactand it is a social network that brings together in one place the better news on the topics that interest us most.

The application has a simple interface that is easy to use and learns from the user. Thus, the more articles read, the better the recommendations.

In the future, moreover, the app promises to be a alternative to services like Twitterby allowing users to post their own texts and follow others.

It can be downloaded for free, both on iOS and Android.

Download on Google Play | artifact

pixel search

Pixel Search is a new application that allows to have one of the best features of Google Pixel devices on any Android. With it, it is possible to enjoy the unified search system so characteristic of Google smartphones, that allows you to find applications, contacts, files and much more with a simple search.

The app is free, without ads and perfectly simulates the search for the Pixel.

Download on Google Play | PixelSearch


GreenStash is a new app that helps you manage and plan savings goalswhile helping you develop the habit of saving money. Have a design inspired by the Material Design 3 style and various interesting features.

Download GreenStash on Google Play (1.09 euros)


Tooly is one of those applications that is worth having installed on all our devices. The application combines a large number of useful little toolsincluding image tools, text tools, calculators, unit converters, developer tools and more, all of them available at no cost and without the need for an Internet connection.

The tools are available in a well designed and easy to use app. Its creators ensure that the application will be updated frequently to add new utilities.

Download Tooly – Collection of small tools


loc is a new free and open source app which promises to facilitate the task of set reminders based in The ubication. If you want your phone to notify you to water the plants when you get home, to buy a product when you get to the supermarket or anything else you can imagine, you can do it with Loc.

The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface, it has an option to view location in real time and it is possible to set the distance radius of the place where we want to be notified with each reminder.

Download on F-Droid | loc


AutoZen Screenshots

AutoZen allows you to revive the essence of Android Auto for mobile screens

Of we talk about it in more detailbut it is necessary to remember about the existence of AutoZena fantastic free app that effectively replaces the now defunct version of Android Auto for phone screens.

The app can be download and use freeand offers many of the features that were present in Android Auto for smartphones, including turn-by-turn navigation, making calls, listening to received messages or replying to them using your voice, as well as controlling audio playback. On the other hand, it offers interesting functions such as speed camera alerts, weather, calendar entries and much more.

Download on Google Play | AutoZen


AstraCrypt is a new and useful tool for Android, which helps you to keep your sensitive files safe. To do this, use advanced encryption algorithms and authentication methods when storing files in the local memory of the device, so that no one can access its content without having access to the key.

The app is free and easy to use. By default, it has a storage limitthat can be removed through a purchase in app.

Download on Google Play | AstraCrypt


Best apps and games for Android of 2023

With LANDrop you can transfer files between all your devices, easily and quickly.

Another app that we talked about recently is LANDrop. It is probably the best AirDrop replacement out there todayby allowing you to quickly and wirelessly transfer files between devices Android, Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux.

Download Landrop

Best games of 2023


Peridot Image

Peridot is the new game from the creators of Pokémon GO

The creators of Pokémon GO have launched this year their new augmented reality gamea mix between the famous Tamagotchi and his most popular creation to date.

His name is Peridotand it is a game where we must raise and take care of one of the procedurally generated creatures (which guarantees us that there will be no two alike), to save them from extinction.

It is a free and very entertaining game, which comes with the idea of ​​repeating the success of Pokémon GO.

Download on Google Play | Peridot

worms weapons of mass destruction

The mythical “Worms” returns to Android with a new installment, with a completely renewed graphic section and improved gameplay. The game offers us 10 training missions and 20 campaign missions of increasing difficulty, with a huge arsenal of weapons and a more advanced virtual control system.

Download on Google Play | Worms WMD – Mobilization (5.99 euros)

Tesla Wars – TD

Tesla Wars is a new free Android game released in 2023 after several years of iOS exclusivity. It’s about a action casual game where you become one electric tower that must defend itself from the enemies that try to attack it. To do this, you must use electricity and kill the hordes of stick figures They will try to harm you.

Download on Google Play | Tesla Wars


harassed is an action RPG game with an overhead view, where the mission passes through stop bullies. The game shares some traits with the titles rogueas the possibility of improve the character as progress is made.

Each level has its own final boss that you must defeat. In addition, you will have to take into account your skills to be able to overcome each level.¡ç

Download on Google Play | bullied

Dead Wasteland: Survival 3D

Using titles like Fallout, Metro Exodus, Day Z or Resident Evil as references, the team at Just for fun games has created dead wastelanda survival game that takes us to a big open world with procedurally generated locations, enemies, and items.

It has a very careful 3D graphic section, with realistic physics and well-designed animations. It uses a damage and armor system similar to classic Fallout, and offers a wide variety of fire and melee weapons.

Although the game is currently in beta, its creators have big plans for future Dead Wasteland updates, including support for gamepad, Dualshock and Xbox Controller, option to have companions or pets, hunger and energy indicators, day and night cycle with rest system, missions and much more.

Download on Google Play | Dead Wasteland: Survival 3D

Super Tower Rush: Remastered

For less than the cost of a coffee you can enjoy this fun infinite falling game with retro graphicswhere your mission will be to get as far as possible without crashing, collecting gems along the way to gain extra time.

Download on Google Play | Super Tower Rush: Remastered (0.89 euros)


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