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Best Credit Cards for Free Railway Lounge Access 2022

Best Credit Cards for Free Railway Lounge Access 2022

In the past few years, traveling by trains has become cheaper due to the introduction of new routes and multiple trains. Many people prefer rail travel because of the impeccable service at the stations and during journeys. But, the only problem they can’t manage is the delay in train arrivals whether it is due to fog in winters or any other reasons. So, whenever your train is delayed, you prefer railway lounges to relax and enjoy various services. It is obvious that street foods are not as healthy as the food at the lounges. Therefore, we have brought the best credit cards for free railway lounge access. You can visit the railway lounges for free if you have these credit cards.

Top 15 Free Railway Lounge Access Credit Cards

Here, in the table given below, you can explore the railway lounges access cards and see the number of free access you will get to the railway lounge. You must also explore the joining fee of these credit cards before you get one.

Credit Card Railway Lounge List

After going through the best credit cards for free railway lounge access, you must check the list of railway lounges available at different railway stations across the country.

Facilities at the Railway Lounges

You can enjoy the following privileges at the railway lounges:-

  • Stay for two hours at the railway lounges.
  • Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner as per the time you visit the lounge.
  • Get unlimited tea, coffee, and cookies.
  • Enjoy free wifi service inside the railway lounge.
  • Read newspapers and magazines for free.
  • Relax on the comfortable chairs in an air conditioned space.

Terms and Conditions of Free Lounge Access

  • You will have to present the credit card having complimentary railway lounge visit benefits at the entrance.
  • You should have a valid train ticket through which you are traveling.
  • A transaction fee of INR 2 will be charged for authentication and it will be non-refundable.
  • The accompanying guests are not allowed to access the railway lounge for free.
  • You will have to pay the railway lounge charges after the expiry of the free visits that were available on your credit card.


You have seen the best credit card for free railway lounge access and now you can make your choice. These credit cards also have many other features that you can explore by visiting the best credit card details. It is better to relax in a lounge for free rather than wait at the platform on a hot sunny day. If you are a frequent rail traveller then you can apply for these credit cards.


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