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Best free Anagram generator software and online tools


An anagram is a word or phrase that is formed by rearranging or shuffling the letters of another word or phrase. And, the original letters are used exactly once in the resulting word. Anagram generators are mostly used in creative writing, word games, puzzles, and cryptography. Now, if you are looking for a free anagram maker, this post will help you find a good one. So, check out below.

What is the best way to solve anagrams?

To manually solve anagrams, you can simply rearrange the alphabets of the input word or phrase to find new words. Besides that, you can check for common consonant sounds or separate the vowels and identify common combinations to create anagrams. If you don’t want to do all the work manually, the best way if to use a dedicated anagram solver tool.

What is the tool to make anagrams?

There are several online tools that let you generate anagrams. To name, Anagram Solver from Wordtips, Wordsmith Anagram Generator, and Angrammer are some good websites that you can try.

Best free Anagram generator software and online tools

Here is a list of the best free online tools and software using which you can generate anagrams:

  1. Ag
  2. Inge’s Anagram Generator
  3. STG Wordlist
  4. Anagrammer

1] Ag

Best free Anagram generator software and online tools

Ag is a feature-rich anagram maker software for Windows 11/10. It is completely free as well as open source. Another advantage of this software is that it is lightweight and portable. So, you can run it whenever required without installing it.

This anagram generator supports English, Danish, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and more languages to create anagrams. You can choose the desired language from its Lexicon menu.

Once you have selected the dictionary, enter the word from which you want to generate anagrams in the text box. After that, press the Find Usable Words button and click on the Find Anagrams button to get a list of all anagrams. You can copy the results or save all or selected anagrams to an external file.

Some other nice features that you get in this freeware include Find Words, History, Add to Favorites, Ag Concole (run script/clipboard), etc. It also displays the number of words generated.

Download it from

2] Inge’s Anagram Generator

Inge’s Anagram Generator is a free online tool that enables to you create anagrams of words. It creates anagrams in different languages including Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

To use it, you can simply select the desired language and then enter the input word in the text box. After that, you can customize some options like the maximum number of anagrams and the minimum and maximum number of letters in an anagram. When you have customized all these options, you can press the Anagrams button to generate a list of anagram words. It fetches results within a few seconds.

You can try it here.

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3] STG Wordlist

STG Wordlist is another free anagram generator software for Windows. This software helps you create a word list from a word. You can either create anagram words or set up a mask to generate the same. Simply enter the input word in the text box present under the Anagram Word section and press the Look button. It will create and show a list of anagrams in the left-side panel.

4] Anagrammer

Anagrammer is a free online anagram maker tool. Using it, you can anagram your name, any random word, or even a phrase.

To use it, first, open Anagrammer in a web browser and enter the word in the search box. Now, you can customize settings like the maximum number of anagrams, maximum/minimum number of letters in a word, words to exclude, and language. Once done, press the Search button to generate a list of anagrams.

You can also animate an anagram using it. Click on the flag icon present next to a generated anagram. After that, select the desired order of words, color, and animation effect. Next, hit the ANIMATE THIS ANAGRAM button. You can share the animated anagrams with your friends using the URL.

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The next anagram generator tool on this list is You can use it to generate perfect anagrams. It lets you set up filters including finding words starting or ending with specific letters, length of words, words including or excluding particular letters, etc. You can also select the desired dictionary from the available ones.

It categorizes anagrams by their length. You can also sort the list of anagrams. By clicking on a particular anagram, you can check its meaning.

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Best free Anagram generator software and online tools

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