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Best free Color Mixing apps and online tools for Windows 11/10


We are going to list down the best free color-mixing apps and websites in this post. A color mixer tool lets you virtually blend two or more colors into a single color and find out its color code to use in your design projects.

These color mixers are especially helpful to graphics designers as they need to design websites, posters, logos, and many other graphics with a combination of multiple colors. They can mix two or more colors to create a desired color and copy their hexadecimal, RGB, and other color codes directly into their project to use the blended color. Plus, you can also create and manage your color palettes using these tools. You can also use these tools if you are just curious about knowing what color two specific colors produce when merged together.

There are a lot of color-mixing apps available for Windows 11/10. If you are looking for a free one, there are some Microsoft Store apps for virtually mixing colors on your PC. The Windows apps that you can use to mix colors are ColourBlender, Alpha Color Mixer, and Converting Colors – Color Blender. Let us now check out these color mixers and their features in detail.

Best free Color Mixing apps and online tools for Windows PC

Here are the best free color-mixing apps and online tools that you can use to mix or blend colors and check the resulting HEX color:

  1. ColourBlender
  2. Alpha Color Mixer
  3. RGB Color Mixer
  4. trycolors.com
  5. Dopely Colors
  6. Colordesigner
  7. Appy Pie color mixer
  8. Aspose Color Mixer
  9. meyerweb.com
  10. Converting Colors – Color Blender

1] ColourBlender

Color Mixing apps and online tools

ColourBlender is a free color mixing app for Windows 11/10. It lets you blend two colors and check out the resulting color. You can also generate a color palette with multiple color shades of two blended colors. It also displays the hex color code of the generated colors. Graphics designers can use these color codes while designing a website or graphic.

Not just selecting predefined colors, you can also import images and add colors from the imported graphics. For that, simply move to the Picture tab and load a locally saved image (JPEG, PNG) or paste an image from the clipboard. After that, hover the mouse over a specific color in the image, click on it, and then press the + button to add the color to your current palette.

It also provides a dedicated tab where you can view the Decimal (RGB) and Hexadecimal values of all the colors. The exact color name is also displayed so that it becomes easier for you to find and use a specific color in your project.

In it, you can also generate multiple custom color palettes from the Select Palette tab. Just click on the New button, name your color palette, blend colors, and add the resulting colors to your palette. You can also manage all your color palettes. Furthermore, you can blend colors by varying their RGB values too.

How to mix colors to create a new color in Windows 11?

To start with, open this app, and from the home tab, click on the Add button. Then, choose a color to add it to your current colors list. After that, click on the Add button again and add another color. Similarly, you can add multiple colors to the list to quickly use them.

Now, select your primary color and then press the Choose A button. After that, click on the secondary color and tap on the Choose B button. Next, set a Blend Segments value from 1-100 to create the number of shades from the blended color. Finally, press the Blend button to mix the two chosen colors. It will show all the created color shades with Hex and RGB codes.

It is one of the best free color mixer apps with a color palette manager and a tool to pick colors from images. You can get this free app from Microsoft Store.

2] Alpha Color Mixer

Alpha Color Mixer is a free Microsoft Store app to mix colors and see the final color. It is basically a transparency color mixer that you can use to get a resulting color by adjusting its RGB values, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Transparency.

It contains a Color List where multiple colors and shades are shown along with their exact name. You can select a color and then create a new color by modifying its transparency, RB values, and other properties.

Firstly, choose your primary color from its Color List available on the right side. Now, under the Mixer section, you can select either Background or Foreground mode as per your requirement. After that, start dragging the Alpha (transparency), Red, Blue, Green, Saturation, Hue, and Brightness sliders until you achieve the required color.

It shows the hex and decimal color code for the generated color. Plus, you can also view some sample text in this new color. It also displays what is the closest color from the color list. It is another good color-mixing app that you can install from Microsoft Store.

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3] RGB Color Mixer

RGB Color Mixer is a free color mixing software for Windows PC. As you can guess from its name, it basically allows you to mix RGB values and generate a completely new color. You can also mix colors in the Grayscale mode. It previews the color while adjusting the RGB colors and also displays the respective hex color code at the bottom of the window.

It is a very simple and lightweight color mixer program. Plus, it is also portable. You can download this free color mixer from its official website here.

4] trycolors.com

trycolors.com is an online color mixer tool for virtually blending two colors. You can choose your primary colors and then click on the GET MIX button to blend them.

It contains a default palette of colors from which you can choose the two colors you want to mix together. And then, press the GET MIX button and it will show the blended color. Additionally, it also shows you the portions of the basic colors in the final color. You can edit the part of each color in the resulting color and then see what the color looks like. It also shows the hex code of the colors.

You can try it here.

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5] Dopely Colors

Dopely Colors is a free website to blend colors online. This free online color mixer tool allows you to mix more than two colors and then preview the resulting color. You can click on the + button to add several colors. It will show you the blended color in real time. You can also edit a particular color. By dragging the slider attached between two colors, you can adjust their parts in the final color.

The final color is shown with its actual name and hex code. You can also view other details of the color including RGB, HSB, HSL, CMYK, and other color codes. You can easily copy a color code to the clipboard. If you want to use this tool, navigate to its website here.

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6] Colordesigner

You can also try Colordesigner to blend multiple colors and form a new color. First, open its website in a web browser and add multiple custom colors to the list by clicking on the + button. After that, select the number of parts of individual colors and then see what the final color looks like. You can then view the details of the resulting color including hex code, RGB code, and HSL code. It also generates a link for the created color that you can share with other users online.

It offers a dedicated feature using which you can search images from Adobe Stock. The images that are shown match the resulting color. They include background, texture, pattern, and other images.

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7] Appy Pie color mixer

Appy Pie color mixer is a simple color mixer tool. Just add and select the colors you want to merge and it will display the final color. You can edit the number of parts of a specific color in the resulting color. You can use it here.

8] Aspose Color Mixer

Another color mixer tool that you can use is Aspose Color Mixer. It lets you choose the first and second colors and then its displays the resulting color. You can also specify the fraction of the first color you want in the final color. It also displays various color codes that you can copy to the clipboard. These color codes include hexadecimal, RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK, and more. Plus, you can also view the exact name of the generated color.

If you liked it, try it here.

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9] meyerweb.com

Meyerweb.com is yet another free website that allows you to mix or blend colors together. You can pick Color 1 and Color 2 from the standard color list. After that, you can select the number of midpoints from 1 to 10. This way you can generate a number of shades with the two primary colors. Once done, press the blend button and all the resulting colors will be shown. The hex codes are listed with each color that you can also copy. Plus, if you want to check out the RGB values of the colors, you can also view them.

10] Converting Colors – Color Blender

Converting Colors – Color Blender is one more free Microsoft Store app that you can use to mix two colors. In it, you can choose the first and second colors, and it will show multiple iterations of the blended color. To start with, choose the From color and then select the To color. After that, choose the number of Steps for the number of shades you want to generate. It shows each color with its hex and RGB values.

You can install Converting Colors – Color Blender directly from your Microsoft Store.

Which 3 colors can make all colors?

Red, Green, and Blue are three primary additive colors that you can mix together to create other colors. You can vary the intensity of each color and mix them together to generate almost all colors. From the above list of color mixing tools, you can use any tool like RGB Color Mixer and mix RGB values to create a new color.

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Color Mixing apps and online tools

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