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Best VS Code Extensions for JavaScript

Best VS Code Extensions for JavaScript


In this post, we will see some of the best VS Code Extensions for JavaScript. As you may already know, JavaScript is what allows one to create dynamic websites. That is why using the language efficiently using a set of extensions can go a long way for a front-end or full-stack developer.

VS Code Extensions for JavaScript

How to install extensions on VisualStudio Code

First of all, let us see how to install extensions on VisualStudio Code. Follow the steps given below to do the same.

  1. Open Visual Studio Code.
  2. Click on the Extensions icon or Ctrl + Shift + X.
  3. Now, search for the extension you want to install.
  4. Once its tile appears, click on it and then click on Install.

Alternatively, you can click on the link that’s given hereinafter, it will redirect you to a webpage, click on Install and you will be prompted to open the link in VS Code.

Best VS Code Extensions for JavaScript

Following are some of the best VS Code Extensions for JavaScript.

  1. Live Server
  2. Rest Client
  3. DotEnv
  4. JavaScript Booster
  5. ESLint

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Live Server

Let us start with an extension to open your website locally. Live Server is a powerful extension that gives you the privilege to create a local development server environment to access live reloading for static and dynamic pages. It is very useful for someone who wants to check what’s happening to the website in real-time. So, as you write your code, you will see the effect on the server. Therefore, you don’t have to refresh your page every time to see how your code is performing. If you think it is useful, go to marketplace.visualstudio.com to install it. Alternatively, follow the aforementioned steps to install the extension.

2] Rest Client

Rest Client allows the client to send HTTP requests to introspect the response. The best part about this is that you don’t need to switch to a browser everything will be shown on the editor. It is an instrumental JavaScript extension for developers who works on APIs. You can test how your website will respond to network queries, and then you can debug the endpoints. Navigate to marketplace.visualstudio.com to install the extension.

3] DotEnv

DotEnv or .env are environmental variables. DotEnv extension makes it easy for programmers to make use of these variables by adding syntax highlights to the mix. So now that we have syntax highlight, there will be fewer chances of making a mistake. In order to install the extension, navigate to marketplace.visualstudio.com.

4] JavaScript Booster

JavaScript Booster is one of the most useful extensions for front-end developers. Even though it does not give some superpower to the developer, it makes it harder for them to make a mistake. This extension adds “Quick Fix” to your code. This is much better than the default Fix function of VS Code. As instead of just one or maybe two quick fixes that VS Code shows, this extension will show up to 33 solutions to your issue. To know more about this tool, visit marketplace.visualstudio.com.

5] ESLint

ESLint is an extension that allows you to analyze your code statically with the help of a linter. It checks your code using the pre-configured parameters to look for problems in it. It removes the hassle of running ESLint through the terminal, making the development process much quicker. To install the extension, go to marketplace.visualstudio.com.

These were some of the best extensions for JavaScript.

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Which JavaScript extension is best for VS Code?

There are various JavaScript extensions for VS Code. We would recommend installing every single aforementioned extension as each of them has its own functionality. We have not mentioned competing extensions making it easier for you to choose. However, if you ask me what’s my favorite, it has to be Rest Client as I want my website to be perfectly optimized for all networks. If you are like me and want your website to be optimized, do check out our guide on Microsoft Edge Network Tools.

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Which extension is used for JavaScript?

JavaScript uses a .js extension. If you ever see a file with the extension .js do keep in mind that is JavaScript. If you want to create a JavaScript file in VS Code, click on New File, give it a name, and end it will the extension .js. Now, you are ready to code.

VS Code Extensions for JavaScript


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