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Best Windows Terminal Themes to make command-line exciting

Best Windows Terminal Themes to make command-line exciting


The commanding-line journey can be dull without the magic of the theme offered by the Windows Terminal. In this article, we will look up some of the best Windows Terminal Themes that elevate the aesthetic and add practicality to the command-line interaction.

Best Windows Terminal Themes to make your command-line exciting

How to install third-party themes in Windows Terminal?

Even though installing a third-party theme looks like coding, it’s not. We can pretty easily copy the code, then paste it to the correct JSON file and save it to allow Terminal to recognize the theme. Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same.

  1. If you go to any of the websites mentioned below, you will get an option to copy a code.
  2. Once you do that, open Terminal, click on the down-arrow (v) and click on Settings.
  3. Now, click on Open JSON file.
  4. Go to the Schemes section, scroll down after the last curly bracket ({), add a comma (,), and paste the code we asked you to copy.
  5. Save and close the JSON file.
  6. Now, in Terminal’s Settings, go to Color schemes, and select the scheme you need to apply.
  7. To apply that theme, click on the Set as default button

You can save the changes you have made and it will do the trick for you.

Best Windows Terminal Themes

If you are looking for some of the popular Windows Terminal themes, here are some of the recommended titles suggested below:

  1. Cobalt Neon
  2. Birds of Paradise
  3. Apple Classic
  4. Ubuntu Color scheme
  5. Dracula Theme
  6. Oh My Posh

Let’s find out all the details about these themes.

1] Cobalt Neon

Cobalt Neon is the first name on the list, distinguished and widely embraced Windows Terminal theme because of its vibrant and modern design. The theme offers a deep rich blue hue and high-contrast elements, contributing to a sleek and professional aesthetic.

The theme boasts light-green text on a dark blue background, a pink cursor color, and a dark blue selection background. It’s quite soothing and relaxing and has a great balance between readability and visual appeal. The carefully chosen color palette ensures that the text remains clear and legible, even during extended coding or command line sessions. Hence, it is a preferred choice not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its practicality in day-to-day use. Go to windowsterminalthemes.dev to download the Cobalt Neon theme, which is nothing but the code.

2] Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise stands out because of its earthy natural world-inspired tones, and soft hues. It omits a sense of calmness and serenity, offering an exquisite and harmonious color palette. It has a delicate balance between subtlety and contrast, ensuring that the text is easily understandable against the backdrop.

One of its strengths lies in the consistent application of colors across different terminal elements. The theme avoids harsh contrast or overly bright colors making it suitable for extended periods of terminal use without straining the eyes. There’s also room for customization where users can tweak certain aspects of the theme to align with their preferences

3] Apple Classic

The next name on the list is Apple Classic, a timeless elegance with a perfect combination of the aesthetic appeal of Apple’s iconic user interface with functional design. It boasts a golden font on a dark grey background and soft and neutral tones that contribute to reduced eye strain.

The theme incorporates intuitive syntax highlighting, making code and command structures easily identifiable. Users can also take full advantage of Night light settings for ultimate display comfort to minimize discomfort. Users can simply navigate to the WindowsTerminalThemes.dev, download the theme file via the JSON link, and open it up in Notepad. Whether it’s code, system commands, or scripting languages, Apple Classic adapts gracefully, providing a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment so give it a try.

4] Ubuntu Color scheme

The Ubuntu Color Scheme is a popular choice that offers a clean and familiar design of the color palette associated with the Ubuntu Linux distribution. The color schemes employ soft and calm tones, such as plum in the background with white in the foreground and cursor. Users can also use the combination of other light and dark colors such as aubergine, and orange, to create a balance, reduce eye strain, and increase readability.

The similarity doesn’t last there, all the functionalities such as running the command, copy-pasting, and other activities are similar. Overall, using the Ubuntu Color Scheme theme, users can expect an enhanced user experience as this is highly adaptable to new functionalities and updates, and configuring this is straightforward. Users can easily import the theme by adding the corresponding JSON configuration.

To get this theme, open Terminal, click on the down arrow (v) and select Settings > Color scheme > Ubuntu-ColorScheme > Save.

5] Dracula Theme

The Dracula theme is another popular theme used in Windows Terminal, known for its dark background with vibrant, contrasting colors. It is visually appealing and provides a comfortable coding environment. There’s a blue-gray background with white text, which is easy on the eyes and thus suitable for extended coding sessions.

The Dracula theme typically includes syntax highlights for various programming languages and consistency. It is widely adopted and supported by many popular text editors, IDEs, and terminal emulators, including Windows Terminal, Visual Studio Code, and Atom. There’s no hassle in installing the theme and switching to the Dracula theme, so give it a try and then decide. Navigate to draculatheme.com to install and apply this theme.

6] Oh My Posh

Oh My Posh is a tool that allows you to fully utilize the color set of your terminal by using colors to define and render the prompt. It doesn’t matter which shell you’re using or how many you’re using – you can easily carry your configuration from one shell or machine to another, ensuring that you have the same prompt everywhere you work. To install this theme, go to ohmyposh.dev.

That’s it!

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How do I make my CMD look cool?

There are many ways to customize how the appearance of our Command Prompt looks. Starting from using a custom color scheme such as Dracula or another visually appealing one would be a good first move in this journey. We can then move on to other simple customizing options such as enabling transparency, QuickEdit mode, and changing font and text size.

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How do I make Windows Terminal more colorful?

To make Windows Terminal more colorful, we will be selecting a color scheme, and here’s how to do it:

  • Launch Windows Terminal, and click on the drown arrow in the Tab bar.
  • Click on the Settings option and then locate the Theme section.
  • Select a preferred theme, and then hit the Save button to change the theme.

We can also change color schemes such as foreground and background color, and Cursor color from settings.

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Best Windows Terminal Themes to make your command-line exciting


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