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Bing Privacy Settings: Enjoy Safe & Private Internet Search

Bing Privacy Settings: Enjoy Safe & Private Internet Search


With the advent of the Internet, incredible social and economic development has occurred in many ways. At the same time, using the Internet is not safe. With the growth of Internet use, the number of fraudulent activities has increased significantly. In fact, when we talk about the Internet and web browsing, there is nothing better than “absolute security”. Despite careful security settings and security software, cybercriminals manage to invade and damage our computers.

Your web searches may contain information about your browsing, shopping habits, and interests. This can cause privacy issues for the user.

All we can do is install security software, adjust the privacy settings of our browsers and the web services we use, and, most importantly, use common sense to carefully browse the web. This will help us avoid potential threats. Microsoft has always been very concerned about the security and privacy settings of all of its products and services.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine can help you manage your search history and make your searches safer. Today we will get to know privacy settings available on Bing, and find out how you can make it more reliable.

Bing privacy settings

Managing the settings of your favorite search engine, be it Google or Bing, is very important but often overlooked. Search and browsing history is very important for safe browsing. Your browsing history can help attackers learn about your shopping habits, interests, and more. Fortunately, Bing’s privacy settings allow you to manage your search history very well.

Bing search history management

Disabling and enabling Bing search history is pretty straightforward. Just go to the Bing homepage, click on Preferences wheel in the upper right corner. In the left pane, click Search History.

Press Turn off in the right corner of the page. You can also clear your entire search history with one click on Clear all… You can also remove one search entry from your search history page by clicking the X next to the entry you want to remove.

To be able to turn off your web search history, you need to ensure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled in your browser.

To turn off Bing search history go here

Bing SafeSearch filters malicious content

bing 2 privacy settings

Bing’s SafeSearch feature contains strong filters that block malicious and adult content from search results.

To change your Safe Search settings, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the page. Go to Safe Search, change the settings to your liking and click Save.

You can install it from Strict To Moderate or even Turn off according to your preference.

Hope you find this little tip helpful!

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