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Bitdefender releases decryptor for new MortalKombat threat


Bitdefender releases decryptor for new MortalKombat threat

The decryptor allows ransomware victims to recover files without paying a ransom.

Information security company Bitdefender released free ransomware decryptor Mortal Kombat through which victims can recover their files without paying a ransom.

The MortalKombat ransomware was discovered in January 2023 by the team Cisco Talos. The ransomware primarily targets systems in the US, UK, Turkey, and the Philippines. At the moment, nothing is known about its developers and operating model. The name of the ransomware and the wallpaper it drops on the victim system are a reference to the Mortal Kombat media franchise, according to analysts.

The MortalKombat decryptor is a separate executable file that does not require installation on an infected device. It scans the entire file system to find MortalKombat-infected files, but the user can also specify a specific location where encrypted data is backed up.

The decryptor also allows you to back up encrypted files so that the files don’t get corrupted if something goes wrong during the decryption process. Moreover, the decryptor has the ability to replace previously decrypted files with their new versions.

Bitdefender’s post also highlights the ability to run the tool from the command line, making it suitable for companies that may need to carry out bulk decryption projects on large networks or recover data on corrupted operating systems.

To minimize the risk of ransomware and malware infections, avoid downloading files from obscure sources or attachments from emails from unknown senders.

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