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Blue Archive, the global server, is so popular that it won the 1st place in the App Store and announced the distribution of gacha random tickets for all players!


Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 1:14:42 p.m. Indochina time

After a few days ago, we had the opportunity to present information about the famous game. blue folder Which has various updates, new activities, including the newest characters limited edition With the ability of the character in a rough way, can read more details of the game inthis article

In the past, the game blue folder There have been various activities with many prizes given to players. whether it is open for pre-registration and if the players have registered as scheduled, they will Get rewards according to the number of IDs that apply. which the highest prize of this activity is free gacha ticket 10 times and pyroxene quantity 1,200 grain

Although the game has a heavy giveaway, full of prizes. But it seems that the team still feels that such prizes are not satisfied enough. therefore making it a few hours ago blue folder has issued an announcement gacha opening ticket 10 time 1 leaves to all players as the game is now so popular that it ranks up to number 1 on the page. app store quickly

Of course, it’s not just the game itself. blue folder in the server around the world only because a few days ago the game blue folder in the server J.P. There was also a giveaway in the same format. It will be a matter of the popularity of the game that soars to the top. 1 of google play instead

Finally, the game blue folder server around the world More than a number of gachas will be given away for free. 100 times by starting February 5th to February 14 For anyone who wants to risk their luck or interested in the story of the game. Can download the game to try to play together.


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