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Body Language – Trick Me v23.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Body Language – Trick Me v23.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download


In today’s life, people cannot distinguish between the truth and the lies of the other. To help you recognize the other person’s lies, Trick me has introduced convenient features. Users can use it to learn more ways people often lie to prevent them. Therefore, this application is essential for everyone to become intelligent communicators with good manners.

Body language - Trick me.  Analyzing of Gestures


Nowadays, life is extremely complicated, which makes people have to use untrue words to convey to others. In fact, lying has many different purposes, it can be helpful, but sometimes it is a significant threat to many people. Trick me has established itself as a science book for users to learn more about why people lie because you can easily catch someone lying in front of you, your friends, and even your family when coming across a novel story.

Body language - Trick me.  Analyzing of Gestures Body language - Trick me.  Analyzing of Gestures


Scientists have studied that the average person will lie 20 times in a day, and sometimes the listener does not realize that he has been cheated by someone else. Therefore, Trick me has provided users with the concepts of lying and telltale signs to help them realize they are being cheated. To use the knowledge of body language, users should explore the mysteries that the application brings. In fact, the subjects who lied the most often ranged from adolescence to adulthood and tended to lie every day. You can detect it by looking at their eyes, hands, and feet for easy recognition. In fact, those people often sweat, hands shake, or eyes wander; that is an absolute lie.


There are many tips and experiences for users to spot and avoid such lies. In fact, it is not always possible for users to use body language to avoid it. You will easily detect lies through the opponent’s expression. Through this application, users can build close relationships and learn to control their emotions. Besides, it helps you to communicate more easily in negotiations.

Thanks to this application, users can spot the signs and tips to avoid hurtful lies and build a good and healthy relationship.

Body language - Trick me.  Analyzing of Gestures Body language - Trick me.  Analyzing of Gestures


  • The application allows people to know all the purposes and reasons of the other party who are cheating through untrue words to those around them.
  • The application helps users better understand how to communicate daily, helping themselves better understand themselves through the actions of body communication.
  • Provide countless accurate signs for users to quickly and effortlessly recognize who is lying to them and who is telling the truth.
  • Practical and helpful application for subjects such as students, teachers, department heads, or those who are studying the psychology of lying to know about people.
  • The application is developed by proven experts that can learn to distinguish lies and provide advice.


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