Home SECURITY British hacker will pay for his cybercrimes

British hacker will pay for his cybercrimes

British hacker will pay for his cybercrimes


Five years for hacking Twitter: British hacker will pay for his cybercrimes

The story of one of the most high-profile attacks in the history of social networks and its consequences.

Joseph James O’Connor (PlugwalkJoe) is one of the hackers who carried out a massive attack on the social network last year. Twitter, received five years in prison in the United States. He will also have to return almost $800,000 to the victims, which he stole in a cryptocurrency scam.

In July 2020, O’Connor and his accomplices used a social engineering method to deceive Twitter employees and gained access to the company’s backend. They then took control of the accounts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and over 100 other prominent individuals and organizations. They posted false tweets on their behalf that they were willing to double any bitcoin transfers to their wallets. Thus, they collected about 120 thousand dollars from gullible users.

O’Connor also admitted to carrying out a SIM-swapping attack that intercepts a victim’s calls and messages, as well as hacking a TikTok account with millions of followers. He was also accused of cyber-harassing two victims, including a minor.

O’Connor is not the only attacker involved in the Twitter attack. Earlier, 18-year-old Graham Ivan Clark (Kirk), who is considered the main organizer of the attack, was sentenced to a three-year prison term. Two more suspects – Nima Fazeli (Rolex) and Mason Sheppard (Chaewon) – are awaiting trial.

The attack on Twitter has become one of the most high-profile and visible in the history of cybercrime. She showed how vulnerable social networks are and how easily public opinion and people’s trust can be manipulated. Cybersecurity experts are urging companies to strengthen the protection of their systems and increase the awareness of their employees about possible threats.


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