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Browser extensions and tools to help you write better emails

Browser extensions and tools to help you write better emails


In today’s digital age, email is the most efficient way to connect with people. It is the most demanded communication method for business development, promoting your sales and advertising your product for advertising purposes. Simply put, email takes up a lot of your work time.

That being said, although we spend most of our time at work writing and responding to emails, we try to create as many emails as possible without thinking about what is written in order to work faster. Faster work doesn’t mean we can neglect the art of email writing, however.

Good email writing plays an important role in building your reputation. Poor postal etiquette can have serious consequences for people to judge you or your company. It can intentionally harm you both professionally and personally.

Browser extensions, add-ons and tools to help you write better emails

Email plays an important role in building business communications. When composing your email, it’s important to make sure it is clear and free of silly grammatical errors or misspelled words. A sloppy email can negatively affect your career and may be considered sloppy. Luckily, there are several apps to help you compose your email neatly and avoid common mistakes so you can get ahead professionally. These apps are solely designed to improve the quality of your rewriting and to ensure that your message is eloquent and effective.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best browser extensions and add-ons to help you create effective emails so you can easily get your audience to act on your messages.

  1. Writefull
  2. Markdown here
  3. I just don’t regret
  4. Grammar
  5. Type

These free extensions will help you improve your overall email quality and reach your goals faster.

1. Writefull

Writefull allows you to check your records against a language database. It can be used in any writing tool from Gmail to MS Word, and it helps you create better quality emails. To use this, all you have to do is activate the Writefull popup and select a piece of text to request the information you need. Writefull then uses large databases such as Google Books, Google News, Google Web, and Google Scholar on the Internet to find the frequency of snippets of text. In addition, Writefull can be used to translate other languages ​​into English and allows you to find words that you can fill in the spaces of the selected text.

This amazing tool is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS. It can also be added as a Chrome extension. Get this tool here.

2. Markdown here

Markdown Here is a powerful tool that makes it easy to write emails. They are mainly used by programmers, making it easy to write HTML in emails. They can also be used to design your daily letters. To use this tool, simply compose your message in the Email Writing Tool and select the Markdown radio button from the menu. Markdown displays it in the correct formatting that you specified in the Markdown syntax. This tool is so powerful that it allows you to add source codes, tables and formulas to email that it is nearly impossible to add to an email editor.

Get this tool here. Markdown Here is available for Firefox, Safari, Open and Chrome browsers. It can also be used with Thunderbird and Postbox email applications.

3. I just have no regrets

Just don’t be sorry – this is a free Gmail plugin that helps you write a clear and successful email by alerting you when you use phrases that mess up your message. The tool guides you throughout your writing and highlights frequently used qualifiers so you can choose how to discuss them. Give it a try if you want to say goodbye to too many exclamations and soak up general confidence in your writing.

Get this Chrome Extension here.

4. Grammar

Grammarly is a popular letter writing assistant that helps you create effective, confident and successful emails. It detects misspelled words, stupid grammatical errors, punctuation errors, incorrect writing styles and word choices. It marks the error and suggests corrections depending on the context. They even flag fixes for plagiarism. This grammar checker is based on artificial intelligence and helps you write effective messages.

The editor is a free browser extension available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Get it too here.

5. Type

Typely is a free online proofreading tool. The tool beeps whenever there is a spelling mistake, grammatical errors, and mistakes in writing styles. It also offers a distraction-free writing environment to help you focus while writing your story. This tool will help you create accurate and reliable email. Get this tool here.

What are your favorite tools for writing the best letters? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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