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Browser Extensions for Capturing Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox

Browser Extensions for Capturing Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox


Computer screenshots have become very common. Sometimes you just want to save the generated invoice, sometimes you just need to save the image and so on. If you’re looking for browser extensions to take screenshots in Chrome and Firefox, then you’ve come to the right place. We list many extensions and add-ons that offer more than just a screenshot.

Before you get started, you should know that Chrome and Firefox also have built-in screen capture functionality in case you don’t want to use any extension.

Screenshot extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Most OSs now have a built-in screen capture feature. Honestly, you don’t need this if you just want to grab and save it. Windows comes with Snip & Sketch, and the Mac even offers video recording along with a screenshot. These extensions offer additional features to help you better manage your screenshots.

Screenshot extensions for Chrome

1]1-Click Webpage Screenshot

Does what is written, but also adds options for uploading directly to services like Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, etc. You can also directly create a PDF that will come in handy for the transaction pages. If you have a printer, it can also send a printout directly to your printer.

If you have a webcam, it can take a screenshot from it. Other than that, it offers the usual screenshot features, including annotations. Generally great tool can be used.

2]Full Page Screen Capture

It is the simplest and fastest screen capture tool I have ever seen. Just click on the camera icon and it will scroll the entire page and take a screenshot. It can even take screenshots of complex pages, including internal scrollable elements as well as inline frames.

Here is a list of features:

  • Maintains a list of websites you have captured screenshots for, as well as screenshots.
  • Export the result to PNG, JPEG or PDF paper formats. You can configure this in the extension options.
  • Select the default save folder.

Fullscreen page capture options

In the display settings section, we recommend that you allow images to download to your computer, and also allow scrolling of the inner content of iframes or framesets. Download it’s here.

Screenshot extensions for Firefox

1]Nimbus Screen Capture

Using this, you can take a screenshot in a variety of ways – web pages, selected regions, snapshot, and the entire browser window. It also prompts you to take a blank screenshot and then drag and drop the images, which can be useful if you want to merge images together. Inform that you can use the built-in annotation tool to add text, mark areas, and so on.

Nimbus Extension for Screenshots

The Nimbus editing tool is impressive. It’s as good as any other editing tool that lets you resize, scale, crop, change the background color, and more.

Nimbus Screenshot Editor

The extension also supports upload to Slack, Google Drive, Nimbus, copy to clipboard and print options. You can also create a NIMBUS account, which also allows images to be stored on their servers. Download it’s here.

2]FireShot (Full Webpage Screenshot)

It offers a simple menu to take a screenshot of the webpage however you like. You can take a screenshot in whole or in part. A publication that you can directly save as an image or PDF file (with links), copy to the clipboard, or print.

Fireshot Screenshot Editor

However, to allow editing or annotation, the plugin installs a small executable on Windows, which then does the rest of the work. For this reason, it fully supports Windows, but does not support other platforms such as Mac. Using the editing tool, you can edit, draw with borders, draw by hand, and so on. It also supports uploading to servers and email. Download it’s here.

I am sure there are many extensions available for taking screenshots, but these are the most popular with a good rating and installation base.

Try it and you can always suggest the one you are using.


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