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Celebrity Voice Generator AI Tools online free

Celebrity Voice Generator AI Tools online free


AI presented us with a lot of possibilities. Using AI, we can generate images, videos, and audio, and even generate audio or voiceovers with celebrities’ voices. If used better, it would be difficult for normal people to differentiate the AI-generated celebrity voice from the real voice. Many great tools can help you create voice-overs in celebrity voices. This guide provides some of the best free celebrity voice generator tools online.

celebrity voice generator

Celebrity Voice Generator Tools online free

The following are some of the best AI tools to generate celebrity voices for free. 

  1. Speechify
  2. PlayHT
  3. Vidnoz
  4. ClevGuard CleVoice
  5. Media.io

Let’s get into the details of each one.

1] Speechify


Speechify.com is one of the best tools to generate celebrity voices. It has a database of thousands of celebrities, from Donald Trump to Kante West. You can choose any of their voices and create voiceovers, speeches, etc. It generates the voice of your chosen celebrity with the text input you gave in a real-sounding way. You do not need to compromise on the quality of the voices. 

2] PlayHT


Play.HT is a freemium AI voice service that you can use to generate the voices of your favorite celebrities. If the database does not have the voice of your celebrity, you can give audio input and clone the voice. Not only celebrities, you can even generate the voices of fictional characters that we see in animated films or series. You can use PlayHT even to generate the voices of people who were alive some hundred years back if you have their audio clips. 

3] Vidnoz


Vidnoz.com is another great tool where you can input text and generate audio clips in the voices of celebrities. That includes politicians, singers, actors, and fictional celebrities. Just input the text, select a celebrity voice, choose speed, generate audio, and download the audio clip. Vidnoz supports more than 140 languages to generate audio.

4] ClevGuard CleVoice

ClevGuard CleVoice

ClevGuard.com gives many options in addition to generating celebrity voices. You can download the ClevGuard CleVoice app onto your PC and use it without any limitations. You can use the service to emulate sounds in games, generate voices for live streaming, chat in real-time using celebrity voices, voiceovers, etc.

5] Media.io

media io

Media.io offers many AI features for photos, videos, and audio. Media.io also offers celebrity voice generator features to generate realistic voices of celebrities you want. It supports multiple languages and their accents. You can even use the celebrity voices to make them sound like singing and create songs for fun. 

Note: Though many great tools offer to generate the voices of celebrities in the way you want, it would be okay if they are generated for fun and personal uses. If they are used to earn money, create controversy, or anything negative, it might attract legal issues, which are hard to face. Use these tools at your discretion. 

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Is there a free text-to-voice generator for celebrities?

Yes, many online tools offer text-to-celebrity voice generation features in a few clips. Some of them are Speechify, Media.io, Vidnoz, PlayHT, etc. If you do not find the voices of a celebrity you want, you can even upload a voice clip and generate audio based on that clip using these services. 

How do you make a celebrity AI voice?

Go to Media.io Vidnoz or any other free celebrity voice generator web app. Sign up for their services and enter the text you want to generate in the celebrity voice. After that select the voice of your favorite celebrity and generate the voice. You can even upload a voice and generate an AI voice that sounds like your input. 

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