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ChainChronicle v4.3.5 MOD APK (Weak Enemy, Speed) Download


ChainChronicle recreates the difficult life of the hero army when they have to survive at the volunteer headquarters and encounter certain obstacles when preparing to leave. Protracted wars and troubled relationships between gods and humans will entice you to stay longer with them. The game works with the basic requirements of building a battle squad, training skills, and building experience from what you go through. The journey is still full of unsolved mysteries; let’s start it with everyone!

鎖鏈戰記 ChainChronicle


The popularity of ChainChronicle has brought stories to the volunteer army headquarters to develop more exciting scenarios. There will be five players joining together to form a powerful group that is on a mission to protect the peace of this land. However, many confrontations occur that make it impossible to grasp the actual situation. In addition to the attackers monopolizing resources, you also encounter the resistance of powerful dragons.

The successive difficulties that came to make the situation worse. The only goal that was set at the moment was the kingdom’s safety. As a volunteer, solve ongoing problems with the most explosive victory. A new adventure begins when all memories reappear, players gradually uncover dozens of mysteries of this sacred land. The stories intertwine to form a complete system for your explanations.

鎖鏈戰記 ChainChronicle


As volunteer crew members on their mission at ChainChronicle, players will control the character and act their way. First, making important decisions will affect the story’s outcome, and you are allowed to choose to go forward or backward to ensure safety and secure victory. Second, the player will secure the status of a talented trainer, and it is the primary management of training sessions, conversations, or meetings.

In addition, the most important thing is the alignment of the sources of power. While possessing the ability can make five members represent the volunteer team, the cohesion and support of the group also play a significant role. The legend repeats itself once again as the party faces an attack from the legendary dragon tribe. The broken curses will continue to reveal the mystery of the land.

鎖鏈戰記 ChainChronicle


Players will experience the wonderful space when ChainChronicle combines many elements necessary to build the perfect story, vivid visuals, and the most realistic sounds. Content developed by creativity from a new chapter in a fantasy adventure. State-of-the-art graphic techniques combine hand-drawn drawings and beautiful animations. In addition, the types of sounds used are the result of real voice recording sessions, music mixing, and dialogue editing. The system has paid attention to your feelings and created great content to deliver a quality game.

鎖鏈戰記 ChainChronicle


ChainChronicle provides a highly realistic fighting game with rich content, engaging stories, and many thrilling situations. Players can freely express themselves in this space, making sure to fulfill the most basic requirements of a hero. After taking on a volunteer role, you will have to face a series of challenges from past forces, mighty dragon armies, and inexplicable stories. But that can’t make you give up; there are still many quests ahead, the mysterious story has no explanation, you will be the outstanding warrior chosen in this adventure!

鎖鏈戰記 ChainChronicle


  • The system starts a new story, a chapter with unique content related to the fusion war between many factions and many forces; the player will take the position of a story balancer.
  • Through combat, encounters and conversations between characters reveal many secrets related to this epic story. The hidden secrets of the land and the tribes are brought to light.
  • The guide is always strong and brave; the hero position in the volunteer headquarters has chosen you. Later wars will be based on your decision to consider the outcome.
  • Hundreds of opportunities to shine with your talent in skirmishes. Regularly organizing many events is an opportunity for you to train, fight and receive many rewards worthy of your strength.
  • Requirements the basics of a guaranteed high-quality game. You will experience vivid space, exciting content, thrilling situations, and the highest picture and sound quality.

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