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ChatGPT already has an official mobile app


The official ChatGPT app for iPhone can now be downloaded, totally free and with support for ‘Whisper’ voice recognition.

ChatGPT already has an official mobile app
ChatGPT officially arrives on mobiles, first (as almost always) on iPhones.

Little by little, artificial intelligence and ChatGPT are conquering more spaces in our digital life, now with mobile phones in the spotlight and with the first official ChatGPT app for smartphones launching on the App Storethe Apple store for their iPhones, which will be by extension the first smartphones that may have the OpenAI tool installed natively

And it is that indeed ChatGPT could already be used even on Android a lot via Bing like from the web chat.openai.combut to date we had been waiting the promised official app that has finally arrived thanks to OpenAI.

Right here we leave you, first of all, the link to apple app store so that you can download it directly if you have an iPhone:

OpenAI ChatGPT (free) | Apple App Store

Our colleagues told us 9to5Macalthough for now we have to be cautious because the release is certainly very limited, no Android news and with more promises than already fulfilled realities.

In fact, it’s that can only be used in the United Statesalthough OpenAI says that it will expand to more markets very soon, specifically “In the next weeks”. At least, It is free and does not include any type of advertisementsomething that over time is more than likely to be monetized, at least if we look at the huge amount of money consumed by ChatGPT to function every day.

It’s ad-free (for now) and on mobile ChatGPT will have the same functionality we already know from the web service, including ChatGPT Plus and ‘Whisper’ speech recognition.

ChatGPT already has an official mobile app

The official ChatGPT app is now available on the Apple App Store.

Regarding the options, the OpenAI statement already indicates that its native app for iPhone will offer the same functionalities as the web version of the ChatGPT serviceobviously including support for users of your premium subscription ChatGPT Plus with more advanced versions and without so many limitations in conversations with the chatbot.

ChatGPT history will be synced in multiplatform mode, something we appreciate, and of course also support is included for ‘Whisper’OpenAI speech recognition which on mobile makes much more sense than ever.

Unfortunately in Android we will have to keep waitingso for now Do not download any of the dozens of malicious apps that imitate ChatGPTWell, they are not real and can also be quite dangerous. Here At Andro4all we will notify you as soon as possible as soon as ChatGPT is official on the Play Store.

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