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ChatGPT usage drops for first time since launch


It seems that the bubble of AI models is beginning to deflate, or at least that is what is deduced from the latest information published.

ChatGPT usage drops for first time since launch
ChatGPT website on a PC.

After all the madness experienced with ChatGPT for some time now, in which even has contributed to stealing users from Google Due to the OpenAi partnership with Microsoftnow it seems that interest in chatbots is starting to wane a bit. After all, it is inevitable: everything that goes up has to come down at some point.

According to picked up on PhoneArenaChatGPT traffic from mobiles and computers has fallen 9.7% between the months of May and June. It is the first time in two months that there has been a drop in web traffic and, according to the outlet, there has also been a drop in iOS app downloadsthat is already available in Spain.

Is the public losing interest?

According to the medium, it seems that there is a decline in public interest by AI-based conversational models. This It has also affected Bingwhich has seen how, after the strong rise experienced between February and March, since April it has lost traffic consecutively until last June.

However, OpenAI would not be experiencing a difficult situation despite the fact that keeping ChatGPT running comes to about $700,000 a day. After all, the free version of the chatbot is being used as a advertising platform for payment plansWhat is the company really interested in selling? And it seems that in this section everything is going as it should. Nor should we forget that Microsoft is investing a lot of money in ChatGPT.

Regarding the causes of the decrease in interest of ChatGPT, it is clear that novelty is not so much anymore. The media also quotes that the school season is over, which means that there are far fewer students using AI to write their papers.

One must also take into account the ban on using ChatGPT in corporate environments that many companies are putting into practice. This would be another reason why the chatbot is no longer used as much, due to the fear that large companies have that sensitive information about a project could be accidentally leaked.

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