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Cheerful atmosphere! NARAKA: Bladepoint Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary Warmly Welcomes The Change To Free-to-Play


Monday, July 17, 2023, 1:10:58 PM, Indochina time

On Sunday, July 15, past the team of the game. Hell: Blade Point Organized a great event to welcome the 2nd anniversary of the game at AIS Esports Studio Along with opening the door for the game to go forward in service in the form free to play and supports playing on the platform PS5 since on July 13

At the 2 year anniversary event Hell: Blade Point There are activities for participants to enjoy and win many prizes together with cosplayers, influencers. and famous streamers like Aim, Anongnoon, Lapis Lazuli, Milana, Mintan, Shiba.PW, Sir.Mikey, Natween, LFF – Life for Fun, BBBT Beam, BBBT Bass and xLapisLazulix

Activities that Hell: Blade Point Has opened for participants to team up with cosplayers, famous streamers will have both activities as well 1. Guess Who (Guess Who?) 2. Blow Shot and Plating Activity 3. Take Deep Breath for Your Goddess (Voice for God) In which participants will be divided into teams with 5 favorite cosplayers on each side and join hands to play various games, and whoever wins will receive special prizes from cosplayers. r

plus attendees celebrating the 2nd anniversary Hell: Blade Point Everyone still has a chance to win a rare prize from Hell: Blade Point like a figure Yue Shan Just register to attend the event before walking to the door of the event only. This figure is quite rare. And there are very few produced, so who can go if using the word “good luck” I’m not wrong at all

This section is some pictures of the atmosphere from the 2nd anniversary event. Hell: Blade Point Which says that the various artworks within the event are designed beautifully and perfectly match the theme of the event, making it a perfect addition to the 2nd anniversary of the game. Hell: Blade Point very well

plus this work, the team Hell: Blade Point Still extremely wrestling AIS Esports Studio which is the venue for the 2nd anniversary of the event, allowing participants to try the game for free throughout the event because of the game hell just changed to free to play Causing some people who have never experienced the fun of the game before, able to start the way of being a master at the event

Overall, the 2 year anniversary event Hell: Blade Point should impress the participants more or less Because within the event it can be said that it really has everything, whether it is a photo zone, a zone for playing activities with cosplayers and streamers. Or drinks, food that the team has distributed to everyone Plus closing the game store so everyone can enjoy the event and the game. Hell: Blade Point pleasantly

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