Tuesday, May 11, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Center Locations in India are now visible on Google Maps and Google Search.

COVID-19 Vaccination Center near me – Following the widespread Coronavirus-caused pandemic, Google has added a slew of new features to its services to aid people in their fight against the disease. So, after recently adding functionality to its Search, Assistant, and Maps services to combat confusion surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines in India, Google is now using Maps and Search to show people where they can get vaccinated.

Google Maps including COVID-19 Vaccination Centers

Users can now use Google Search and Maps to find COVID-19 vaccine center locations in their region, thanks to this new update. When you search for “COVID 19 vaccine” on these sites, a list of hospitals, clinics, and centers where vaccines are available appears, along with their locations pinned on a map.

Google’s search engine

When you search for “COVID 19 vaccine” on Google, you’ll notice a new “Where to Get It” tab at the top (on mobile), which is part of Google’s new Vaccine Knowledge Panel. In case you didn’t know, Google now includes more detail about COVID-19 Vaccination Center in its search results, including side effects, protection, delivery, and effectiveness.

When you open the new “Where to get it” tab, Google Search will show a list of nearby hospitals and clinics where you can get a vaccine shot. To extend the initial chart, tap the “More places” button at the bottom. You can then select each hospital or vaccination center to learn more about their restrictions policies, or you can call them directly from the search results. You can also open a map UI by tapping the map at the top of the screen to see the positions of the mentioned hospitals.

COVID-19 Vaccination Center – Google Maps is a mapping service provided by Google.

In Google Maps, the function operates in a similar manner. You can scan for “Covid 19 vaccine” in the app on your smartphone or computer. Following your quest, the app will display a list of vaccination clinics in your city, along with their GPS coordinates.

You can learn more about each hospital’s vaccination process or read feedback from other users by tapping the “See location info” button for each one on the list of hospitals.


Google Search and Maps are currently receiving the function. If you don’t see it on any of the two sites on your phone, try updating the apps from the Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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