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DirectX Could not allocate sufficient memory to complete a call

DirectX Could not allocate sufficient memory to complete a call


As a PC gamer, you already know how important it is to install DirectX on your computer. Without it, you won’t be able to install most games. But what if DirectX isn’t working correctly and returning with errors like DirectX Could not allocate sufficient memory to complete a call? It can be a little problematic!

DirectX Could not allocate sufficient memory

The error message occurs when DirectX tries to allocate memory resources to a game but fails to do so. However, fixing the problem isn’t as complex as it may seem. And you can try the below fixes to get rid of it:

DirectX Could not allocate sufficient memory to complete a call

The issue can be fixed by making your computer allocate more memory to DirectX. So you can run your favorite game titles smoothly. To do so, you can try the following solutions:

  1. Underclock CPU
  2. Increase the Paging File Size
  3. Reinstall DIRECTX
  4. Disable overclocking
  5. Reduce the Graphics Settings of Game

1] Underclock CPU

Many users have discussed eliminating the error by slightly underclocking their P-cores. For instance, if your CPU is running at 5.5 GHz, then you can lower it to 5.3 GHz, and it should help you fix the issue while not compromising the overall gaming performance.

This specific DirectX error is pretty common among the Intel Core i9-13900 Processor users, and underclocking the CPU hertz a little is the only solution.

msi afterburner to underclock gpu

The good part is that you don’t have to make any changes to the BIOS or format of your PC to change the CPU hertz. Instead, download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, install it on your PC, and use it to make the changes.

However, check if the utility program is compatible with your CPU before downloading it.

2] Increase the Paging File Size

Paging files in Windows refers to Virtual Memory. By increasing it, you can trick DirectX into thinking that the PC has enough memory space to allocate. So you won’t get the error again. To increase the paging file size, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows Key + R to launch Run.
  • Type sysdm.cpl and press Enter.
  • Go to the Advanced Tab and click on the Settings button under Performance.

Paging Size Advanced Section Performance

  • From Performance options, go to the Advanced tab.
  • Next, click on the Change button under Virtual Memory.

Virtual Memory Page Size

  • Over here, uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
  • Next, select your Windows system drive.
  • Select Custom size.

Increase Pagign Size of Virtual Memory

  • Finally, set the initial and maximum size values to a higher value.
  • Click OK to save the changes.

3] Reinstall DIRECTX

The issue can also occur because of any bug or corrupted system files. You can get rid of these errors quickly by reinstalling DirectX. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + I to launch Settings.
  • Go to Apps > Installed Apps.
  • Over here, search for DirectX and then click on the three-dots icon, select Uninstall, and follow the onscreen steps.
  • Once uninstalled, go to the DirectX download page and download the application.
  • After that, follow the onscreen steps and install DirectX on your PC.
  • Finally, reboot your PC, relaunch the game, and check if you encounter the same error.

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4] Disable overclocking

Overclocking is helpful when you want to get that extra performance. However, disabling overclocking can be a useful step to eliminate the error.

best overclocking software

Overclocking your system allows you to run your PC’s hardware components at a higher speed than their default settings. However, this can sometimes cause memory allocation problems.

So it’s better to turn off overclocking settings and then check if it is any help. You must go into UEFI or BIOS and go through the settings to turn off overclocking.

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5] Reduce the Graphics Settings of the Game

Finally, consider reducing the graphics settings of the game. This way, DirectX will use less memory, and you won’t get the DirectX could not allocate sufficient memory error.

Depending on what game you are playing, the graphics settings will differ. However, you can find them under game settings. So go through them and see if you can find anything.

So try playing around with the graphics settings to lower your PC’s performance and see if it is any help.

Can RAM cause a DirectX error?

As per the experience of users who optimize  RAM for performance, the only instance where a game caused a crash and a DirectX error was when my RAM wasn’t stable. Specific programs have a way of highlighting these issues more quickly than others.

How do I fix my DirectX driver?

When dealing with DirectX issues, the most effective approach is using the freely available utility called DDU to uninstall your current video drivers completely. Afterward, you should restart your computer and reinstall the video card device drivers recommended on your PC’s support page.

DirectX Could not allocate sufficient memory


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