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Disney Mirrorverse v5.1.0 MOD APK (Menu/Dmg/Defense Multiple) Download


The Disney Mirrorverse possesses a certain appeal for those who love Disney and Pixar animation when it takes them to variations meet of these characters. They will participate in battles against evil forces and use the impressive powers of the characters. At the same time, the number of characters is diverse and helps you create a solid squad to overcome many challenging levels.

Disney Mirrorverse


The story of the Disney Mirrorverse takes place in a dimension known as the Mirrorverse that heroes and villains inhabit. They have a relationship with each other and live together in this dimension, but this world’s peace is not maintained for long. Specifically, a group of evil forces appeared with the desire to capture the most powerful energy of the dimension; the warriors did not let them achieve their purpose.

The source of the Mirror’s power is the Stellar Mirror, which possesses a completely mysterious source of power, so anyone wants to get it for themselves. But a warrior stood up against them and used all his magic power to stop their advance. It is a tough battle and causes the champion’s energy to begin to drain. The champion sent a signal before it was too late and waited for the saviors to appear and fight the evil forces.

Disney Mirrorverse


Once you’ve finished experiencing the impressive story of the Disney Mirrorverse, you’ll be on to the actual battles. Your starting character is princess Rapunzel, and of course, her appearance will be different from the princess in the related cartoon. At the same time, she will rush into the fight and try to fight the monsters that appear; the ultimate goal is to destroy them until they are completely broken and turned into small pieces.

In each attack, the player will find a skill that matches the character’s portrait and has a number. This number corresponds to the number of energy bars on the energy bar that the player owns, and each time the skill is used, the energy will be consumed, and you will see the character’s powerful attacks. At the same time, each successful attack will help the player collect more energy.

An interesting point that will make many players love, especially Disney and Pixar animation, is meeting different characters. They will join your team and have different special skills to use. At the same time, each character can activate a particular action with an exclamation mark that is only valid for a short time. So if you see one, don’t hesitate to start it because it doesn’t consume the character’s energy.

Disney Mirrorverse


Challenging battles are constantly happening in the Disney Mirrorverse, and for sure, you will try to find a new source of power. You can summon new characters and add them to your squad. At the same time, they possess attack characteristics and exceptional skills that help support teammates and destroy enemies in front of them. In addition, the number of characters that can join the battle will change over time and depending on your level.

The positions on your team will gradually be unlocked, and of course, the unlocking process is tied to your current level. Therefore, you will try to overcome many different levels and get your hands on the right to use the new sources of power you have just recruited. If you want to get strong quickly, you can use the items you get and level up your current characters. Leveling up with items is usually faster than getting levels from battles.

Disney Mirrorverse

A world exists with characters whose appearance is close to the player:

  • Players will take a trip to a contested world known as the Mirrorverse, where variations of Disney and Pixar characters exist.
  • The characters will group and begin the journey to destroy the evil forces that want to invade the energy of this dimension.
  • Each character has different powers and uses energy to activate impressive skills and deal massive damage to enemies.
  • The number of characters participating in the battle will differ, and slots will be unlocked depending on the current player’s level.
  • New characters will be recruited and play different roles, and their strength will be improved through battle and the use of items.

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