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DJMAX Respect V announces new DLC V EXTENSION 4 and will be released on June 1, 2023.


Thursday, May 25, 2023, 9:41:42 PM Indochina time

Go back to last week. fan page of DJMAX Global Announced to prepare to open the live to update the information of downloadable content new name Beyond IV Extensions On May 25, 2023, the interest of downloadable content This one would probably be on the side. theme which reduces the brightness and is completely different from the original

Most recently, a few hours ago, the team DJ Max came out to announce live Ready to disclose the details of downloadable content new sample V Extension 4 The details are as follows.

  • Availability : June 1, 2023
  • price : 329.55 baht (price equal to V EXTENSION III PACK )
  • Items to receive :
    • V extension 4 gears
    • V Extension 4 Notes
    • V EXTENSION 4 combo skins

for all songs inside downloadable content of DJMAX V 4 extension will have all 21 Songs and all songs are all new songs in the box together. It will consist of a list of songs as follows.

  • DIE IN by TAK x Sobrem
  • LUV by ND Lee
  • ADDICT!ON (DJMAX Edit) by Airi Kanna
  • Like a Fool by Mr.Funky x Purple J
  • Wanna See You by SOPHI (feat. Hyei)
  • Hypernaid by KATOMORI
  • The Four Seasons : Summer 2017 by Funtwo
  • Love.Game.Money by LeeZu
  • Alive by NieN
  • Death Bomber by Daisuke Kurosawa
  • Make a weapon for a reason
  • New World by 100% Pure
  • Hyper Drive by MINIMONSTER
  • Memories Stolen by Pierre Blanche
  • Hello by Pan
  • Vertical eclipse by TAG
  • Back to Old School by Blosso
  • !!Start a new game!! by Toei
  • Gloxinia by Ruxxi, Milkoi
  • Don’t Cry by Nauts
  • 염라 (extended version) by ampstyle

In addition, the team DJ Max also announced a partnership with V Tuber from affiliation Stelliv at Airi same (If there are any mistakes, I’m sorry) and released their first single song under the name addictive In addition, the song will also be planned to enter the game as a song from downloadable content of V Extension 4 as well

Another interesting thing is When a player has made a purchase downloadable content Both the old V Extension 3 and V Extension 4 will get the song Karma ~Original Ver.~ Let’s play together for free immediately, with the said song coming in the form of “full song”, so it can be said that pressing together until the hand hurts.

Finally, within the aforementioned live, there are also various small announcements such as the game that will be ported to PS5, the name change of the new Studio, and others, by those who are interested in full details can go and watch the live. below

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