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Doctor, what’s wrong with me? Helix lab clients demand refund after hack attack


Doctor, what’s wrong with me? Helix lab clients demand refund after hack attack

Your digital diagnosis is malware.

The Russian medical laboratory Helix suffered a “serious” cyberattack that prevented customers from receiving their test results for several days.

IN statement, Published on Telegram on Monday, it is reported that hackers attempted to infect the company’s systems with ransomware. According to Helix representatives, their technical team partially restored the website, mobile application and other electronic medical services without a ransom.

Helix assures that during the hacker attack there was no leakage of personal data of customers. However, due to disruptions in the service, the laboratory was unable to transmit the results of medical tests to everyone in time.

Some received results on Tuesday, but many complain about the long wait in the official telegram channel and demand a refund. For some, tests were urgently needed for hospitalization or detection of COVID-19.

To prevent similar cyberattacks in the future, Helix has reset all customer passwords and strengthened its security protocols. Oleksandr Lugansky, head of the laboratory’s information security department, said the decision to involve law enforcement would be made based on the results of an internal investigation.

Earlier in May, a group of hackers stated about the theft of 14 terabytes of data from the Russian medical laboratory CITILAB. The personal details of about 500,000 people were released, including names, dates of birth, phone numbers and email addresses, ostensibly as a warning to the company.

According to data mining organization DLBI (Data Leakage & Breach Intelligence), the published information is genuine. It is currently unclear if Citilab had any contact with the hackers.

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