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download here the new game that helps you sleep better

download here the new game that helps you sleep better


You can now play Pokémon Sleep on your Android mobile and start catching Pokémon while you sleep.

Pokémon Sleep is now available in Spain: download here the new game that helps you sleep better
Pokémon Sleep can now be downloaded for free from the Play Store

Some time ago The Pokémon Company promised us that it was going to launch a new mobile game that would allow us to dreaming of our favorite pokemon and after open the pre-registration at the beginning of this monthnow finally pokemon dream It is already available in Spain for everyone.

Well yes, after a long wait, finally Pokémon Sleep, a new title from the pokemon saga that helps you sleep better, is now available for download at google play store completely free of charge.

Download Pokémon Sleep for free on your Android

Pokémon Sleep is a new game from The Pokémon Company that offers us “a game experience unlike any other”, since this new title is going to allow catching pokemon while you sleep.

Thus, to play Pokémon Sleep you will only have to leave your mobile next to the pillow, since this game will be in charge of registering and monitoring your sleep based on three main categories: nap, snooze or sleep and depending on the quality of it, it will rate your rest and offer you pretty much Pokemon that will be surrounding Snorlax when you wake up in the morning.

Each Pokémon will have a different dream style and your objective in this entertaining game will be complete your sleep Pokédex to keep Snorlax well cared for and very strong.

In this way, the longer and better you sleep, the more Pokémon you can get, something that will allow you to improve your sleep habits in a really easy and entertaining way.

In this sense, you should know that Pokémon Sleep will also provide you with complete statistics of your rest time, which will include the hours at which you fell asleep and woke upan analysis of the quality of sleep and even a report of the noises you make while you sleep.

pokemon sleep is a totally free game that bets on the same free to play modality of the previous titles, since it has in-app purchases that go from 1.19 euros to 97.99 euros.

If you want to start catching Pokémon while you sleep, you can now download pokemon sleep from the direct link to Google Play that we leave you below:

Download Pokemon Sleep for free


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