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Dr.Stone New World releases new trailer Ready to announce another journey in the stone age on April 6, 2023


Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 3:11:24 p.m. Indochina time

Back to travel again in the world of Stone World by a few days ago on the channel YouTube of toho animation released a sample of Dr. Stone New World with longer 1:24 minutes out to be seen and prepare for official screening in April 6, 2023 this

for the anime Dr. Stone There will be content that progresses through the point of view of ” Ishigami Senku “A young boy in high school who has a passion for science with all his heart But one day, there was a huge flash of light that enveloped the whole world. until all human beings were transformed into stone along with the passing of time 3,689 year


As a result, the whole world was thrown back in time to the Stone Age because of the collapse of various buildings and all knowledge was lost in the void, causing “ Ishigami Senku to wake up at such a time Must find a way to survive in this stone age world by using science and investigating the truth behind the light at that time who is behind it.

for the anime, including the current new sector as well will be available to all visitors 4 region, which details are as follows:

  • Dr. Stone first part, total number 24 section
  • Dr. Stone: Stone Wars total number 11 section
  • Dr. Stone: Ryusui (TV Special 2022) total number 2 section
  • Dr. Stone New World was divided into 2 parts and there should be a total of 24 episodes.

Finally, you can watch the anime Dr. Stone together in a variety of channels There are both free and paid versions. All information is taken from the website of encourage them and has the following details:

  • AIS Play (Only available in the region) 1 )
  • television (Only available in the region) 1 )
  • flixer (Only available in the region) 1 )
  • Ani-One (available only in special episodes)
  • netflix (only have 2 region )
  • True ID (available in all regions)
  • iQIYI (available in all regions)
  • Bilibili (available in all regions)
  • Disney+ (available in all regions)

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