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Drive Zone Online v0.5.2 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Speed, No Ads) Download


Many racing games are currently being released in large numbers, along with Drive Zone Online has just launched with attractive gameplay for players. In the game, players will participate in speed races from simple to dangerous extremely interesting for players who have a strong love for driving games. The game is released based on beautiful graphics and has attractive technical racing gameplay.

Drive Zone Online


Drive Zone Online is a highly technical 3D platform racing game for players to join to explore. In fact, this is not just an ordinary racing game, but players will be free to participate in adventurous racing matches with the best racers in the world in real-time. Players will be allowed to display drifting, creaking freely, and fierce competition on each track in the game. If you are a new player, you will receive a special package before you start, which is an extreme luxury car McLaren p1.

Drive Zone Online


In addition to participating in the above challenges, Drive Zone Online also allows players to explore world-class racetracks that are extremely risky. In fact, in those roads, the ability to compete and survive each race seems to be equal. That’s why you should use tricks to firmly control your steering wheel through obstacles and rise to the top. Besides, you can also create dangerous races to improve your steering with many other players.

Drive Zone Online


After each game is completed, the player will have the opportunity to collect a fleet of vehicles with various accessories. Therefore, players are allowed to use it to build and further upgrade their cars to become the most powerful and classy. From there, the process of participating in your next races will be more straightforward and relive the refreshing emotions. Express yourself in long-distance races across different locations.

In fact, this game is an adventure racing game on daring roads, making the curiosity and desire of the player’s experience increasingly high. Let this game be a place for you to entertain in your troubled days.

Drive Zone Online


  • Players can choose cars, race on big, beautiful racing roads, and open their eyes through speed racing games.
  • The game allows unlimited customization by collecting many accessories to build an everyday supercar into a powerful monster.
  • The game develops in the form of gameplay on physical mechanics; after each game, players will have the opportunity to advance to many new tournaments.
  • Realistic simulation game through each aspect of a racing car such as engine, tire, brake system like an actual race in real life.
  • With the accurate scoring system, players will be scored when drifting at high speed and difficult drift angles or touching the opponent’s cars when performing this technique.

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