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DS Penske team used banned RFID scanner

DS Penske team used banned RFID scanner


Formula E scandal: DS Penske team used banned RFID scanner

The illegal RFID scanner cost DS Penske 25,000 euros and a pit lane start.

During the Formula E series qualification in Portland, Oregon, the DS Penske team was caught with an illegally installed RFID scanner that could read tire data from other race cars. The team was fined €25,000 for the violation and its drivers, Stoffel Vandorn and Jean-Eric Verne, would have to wait at the end of the pit lane until all the other cars had passed before entering the race track.

The RFID Scanner is a device that can read information from microchips embedded in Formula E tires. These chips are used to monitor tire conditions such as temperature and pressure, as well as save resources and keep riders safe. The DS Penske team could use the scanner to gain an edge over the competition by knowing their tire strategy and tire wear.

“This morning, at the entrance to the pit lane, one of the participants installed RFID scanning equipment capable of collecting real-time data from all the cars,” the technical delegate told the stewards. Please note that in accordance with the rules of the competition, the installation of any equipment in the pit lane area is strictly prohibited. In addition, collecting information in this way provides the participant with a significant and unfair advantage, since it provides access to extensive data. Taking into account all these factors, the stewards have come to the conclusion that the punishment for this action is absolutely justified,” such a statement was made by representatives of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in an address to the media.

This is not the first scandal in the history of Formula E, which is the most innovative and environmentally friendly motorsport series. For 2023, Formula E has introduced new “Gen 3” cars that are more powerful, lighter and more efficient. The tire supplier was also changed from Michelin to Hankook iON, which was a big challenge for the teams and drivers who had to adapt to the new tire characteristics.


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