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EA has confirmed for the shutdown of three more games in 2023.


Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 0:09:58 AM, Indochina time

Electronic Arts Major gaming companies have informed fans about their upcoming shutdown of games. Usually the company has a list of games that will be shut down. And now that list has been updated to include 3 games in the series. Medal of Honor take it with

while Call of Duty and Battlefieldd. Mostly successful in transitioning from Console one generation to another But the glory days of Medal of Honor just back to the top Console 6th generation

The latest 3 entries in the long-running franchise are: 2010 Medal of Honor game (EA mistakenly identified the game as 2011), Medal of Honor: Airborne and Medal of Honor: Warfighter both received mixed reviews and failed to generate much interest among fans of the genre. FPS

Medal of Honor: Warfighter from 2012 remains the latest major series to debut in the franchise by Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond In 2020, released on VR It also received mixed reviews from critics as well. At this time, there is no information indicating that EA It is planning to continue with this series. This may result in the closure of online services for Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Airborne and Medal of Honor: Warfighter To the disappointment of anyone who might still be playing these games. because there is no new part in the franchise Medal of Honor

Admittedly, the closure of the online service of Medal of Honor That is unlikely to affect many gamers. But it may upset some fans but anyone who still enjoys playing the game. Medal of Honor Online or anyone who wants to experience the online elements of the game before it shuts down. This must be done before February 16, 2023.

However, the massive first-person shooter franchise of EA Currently experiencing problems In addition to the fact that the series Medal of Honor has been dormant for more than a decade Now the reputation of Battlefield was also damaged after the release of the bad direction of Battlefield 2042 which makes way for developers like EA DICE has published an update for Battlefield 2042 on a regular basis since the game was first released. Which will have to wait and see next, the latest game of the franchise Battlefield Will this return to good form again?

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