Home Gaming EA plans to create “Unified Battlefield Universe”

EA plans to create “Unified Battlefield Universe”

EA plans to create “Unified Battlefield Universe”


As part of a massive studio shakeup announced today by EA, EA has announced its intention to create an “interconnected Battlefield universe.” Recently released Battlefield 2042 isn’t going anywhere, but the publisher plans to significantly expand the franchise. Even though Activision has expanded its annual Call of Duty releases CoD Mobile and Warzoneit looks like EA wants to raise the profile of Battlefield, and this could include new titles from studios, including Ripple Effect.

Vince Zampella – co-founder of Respawn who now also oversees the Battlefield franchise – explained that the goal here isn’t to replace 2042, but to create a “connected Battlefield universe.”

“In many ways, this is a strategy,” he said. “We will continue to evolve and expand Battlefield 2042, and we will explore new experiences and business models that we can add to this framework to provide our players with an amazing experience. In this universe, the world is interconnected with shared characters and narrative. This universe is also built with the participation of our community as we harness the full power of the portal and user generated content that empowers the creativity of our players. ”

At the moment, plans for a connected universe seem vague due to how early EA is. We already know that Battlefield Mobile is coming out of Industrial Toys, a studio founded by the former president of Bungie, and EA recently speculated there might be a new free-to-play Battlefield in the future, though Zampella hasn’t confirmed any specific plans.

Apart from that, there is at least one other possible game developed by Ripple Effect (formerly DICE LA). A new Seattle-based studio founded by Marcus Lehto (best known for his outstanding role on the Halo series), meanwhile, is working on world building and storytelling as part of the Battlefield franchise. EA indicated that everyone is working on a new “experience” in the Battlefield universe.

“We intend to create a Battlefield universe that has multiple player-centered projects,” Zampella said. “We plan to develop Battlefield and get to know the players where they will play using various opportunities and business models, including our upcoming Battlefield Mobile, due in 2022 from Alex Seropian and Industrial Toys.”


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