Home Tech Epic Games Gives Out Roguelike Loop Hero

Epic Games Gives Out Roguelike Loop Hero

Epic Games Gives Out Roguelike Loop Hero


Epic Games is giving away "crescent" Loop Hero

The next lot of free to play on the Epic Games Store was the Loop Hero roguelike. The game was very popular with critics and players alike, confirming many positive reviews on Steam and a circulation of over a million copies sold. Most likely, this figure will increase a lot after the distribution.

Loop Hero – a roguelike game from a domestic development team from Four Quarters. In the story, the Lich closes the world in a time loop and erases the memory of its inhabitants in order to plunge everything into darkness. The main character can remember the features of the environment, so he intends to find and defeat the wizard who has cast evil magic.

The highlight of the project is indirect control – the player cannot control the actions of the protagonist. The gamer acts as a kind of architect, building the world around him and paving the way for the character. He will go on a journey again and again to earn experience, knock out new equipment or resources, until he gets to the boss’s lair.

The ratings for the games are relatively good, at the time of this writing, the game has 92% на Open Critic, 8.1 out of 10 on Metacritic and very positive Steam reviews.

To get the game, the standard scheme is to find it in the Epic Games Store and click the blue “Get” button. After that, the game will forever remain in your library.


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