HomeTechEssential for your car and with extra functions for about 15 euros

Essential for your car and with extra functions for about 15 euros


An item that you should have on every trip, with several features that make it essential.

Essential for your car and with extra functions for about 15 euros
This charger not only charges your mobile, and it costs very little.

You travel a lot? Do you use the car a lot on a daily basis? You may have an accessory similar to this, but surely not as good as the one we present to you today. This USB car charger is infinitely more complete than the one you have, I’m sure, and it only costs 15 euros. Furthermore, it is located best seller in vehicle electronics in Amazon

Among mobile phone holders and FM radios for the car is this double charger that you will love it and that it has already accumulated almost 4,000 reviews with an average of 4.4 points out of 5. There are several functions that you can do with this charger, in addition to the obvious one. FM radio, hands-free, music playback via flash drive or SD card and noise cancellationa pass only within the reach of a few. Will you be one of them?

USB car charger LENCENT

Buy the definitive car charger for 15 euros

best selling amazon vehicles

The best-selling products in the vehicle electronics category are these.

When you travel a lot or usually take the car a lot every day it becomes indispensable have in it an element like this USB charger that serves you for several functions. Is a charger for mobile, tablet or headphonesbut it also has other functions to carry your offline music at all times or use it as hands-free in calls.

This charger has 2 USB-A ports for charging your mobile: one of them with a power of up to 12W and the other only 5W. The second one is intended for connect a USB stick with music or audio to listen to on your trip. In addition, on one side we have a slot for micro SD cards with the same purpose as the second USB. On the front, we can also see a wheel for control volume from the car speakers at all times, both for music and calls.

If you take the car a lot, I recommend it 100%.

It has a built-in microphone with noise cancellation functionThis is very necessary to maintain conversations on the phone avoiding the annoying noises around you. The device will focus solely on your voice during these calls making him a high quality hands free. On the other hand, it has an integrated FM radio, sometimes older cars have a deteriorated FM antenna, for these this charger with radio included it is a salvation. We will be able to synchronize the stations that we want and change them with the wheel easily.

USB car charger LENCENT

I have a car that is over 16 years old and I bought a device of this type some time ago to improve both the FM radio that came with the vehicle and to add several functions that the standard radio did not include. For example, the function of being able to reproduce the music from my mobile through its Bluetooth connectivity it is something that has saved me from boredom on several long trips. Also, my stock radio doesn’t have USB, so with this charger I can carry my music on a flash drive or micro SD up to 32 GB no problem and without needing internet for it.

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