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Even Twitter employees are switching to Threads


Difficult days are ahead on Twitter.

Even Twitter employees are switching to Threads
Threads is present in more and more mobile phones, to the uneasiness of Twitter

The arrival of Threads to the ecosystem of social networks has put Twitter in trouble for the first time. It has always had competitors trying to imitate its services, but Threads, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, has enough media power to stand up to the application owned by the always controversial Elon Musk. In fact, even former Twitter employees have started using Threads.

Esther Crawford, one of the former senior officials of Twitter who were decimated by Elon Musk in his policy of cuts, is already part of the Threads community, and sent a poison dart to Linda Yaccarinocurrent director of Twitter under the ownership of the South African tycoon. The former employee of Twitter said “someone should check how the CEO of the other app is dealing with this. It must be stressful managing a public outage that you can’t control or stop”.

Twitter on the tightrope of Threads

Since Elon Musk arrived “by accident” at the address of Twitter by the end of 2022, the company has undergone many radical changes with the aim of reducing costs and increasing income. A subscription system for better features, serious stability issues, or until the removal of verified to all important accounts from the social network. This could be done in the absence of direct rivals, but Threads has become a dangerous competition for Twitter.

Threads is not legally prepared to come to Europe still, but He has not needed the wide public of our continent to overcome the whopping 100 million users in the first days which has entered into force. Unlike the eclectic Mastodon, Donald Trump’s Truth, or the beta phase of Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky, Threads is indeed putting in trouble the dominance of Twitter as a social network of microblogging.

Everything points to that the moment Threads arrives in our countrywill be able to put effortlessly between The most downloaded applications in Spain. Meanwhile, Elon Musk tries to avoid it with everything you have in your hand, like banning links that redirect to Threads on Twitter.

The next few months will be key to see which social network wins this commercial duel. Twitter will have to consider the adoption of more popular measuresand Threads will have to figure out how to retain users on your social network after its good initial reception, since its strong start will be of little use if people forget about it in the coming weeks.

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