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Excel Status Bar missing; How to Unhide it?

Excel Status Bar missing; How to Unhide it?


The Status Bar is an essential part of Excel, and it is below the worksheet. The Status Bar provides information on your current worksheets, such as the Accessibility Checker, Macro Recording, Average, Count, Sum, Worksheet number, and more. But one day, you might open Excel and notice that the Status bar is missing. In this article, we will explain how to unhide the Excel Status Bar.

Excel Status Bar missing; How to Unhide it?

Excel Status Bar missing

If the Status Bar is missing in Excel, follow these suggestions to unhide it:

  1. Maximizing Excel Window.
  2. Disable Excel Focus Mode.
  3. Restart Excel in Safe Mode.
  4. Use VBA Code.
  5. Update Excel

How to unhide Excel Status Bar?

1] Maximizing Excel Window

If the taskbar overlaps the Excel Status Bar, there is a chance that you won’t see it.

Click the Maximize button of the Excel app to expand.

Now, you will see the Status Bar.

2] Disable Excel Focus Mode

There is a chance that you may have accidentally touched a combination of keys, and it might have disabled the Focus Mode feature.

To disable the Excel Focus Mode, press the combination keys Alt + V, let them go, then click the U key.

The Focus Mode is disabled.

The Alt+ V and U combination keys can enable and disable the Focus Mode.

You can also press the Esc key to go back to the normal Excel window.

3] Restart Excel in Safe Mode

The Excel app can be missing due to third party features, for instance, Excel Add-ins, so we will open the Excel in safe mode and then delete the Add-ins.

Close your Excel application.

Press the Ctrl key, then double-click any Excel application on your desktop. Do not let go of the Ctrl key.

You will see a pop-up dialog box stating, ‘Do you want to start Excel in Safe Mode?’

Now, let go of the Ctrl key.

Click Yes in the pop-up dialog box.

Now, we are going to delete the third party Add-ins.

Go to the Developer tab and click the Add-ins button in the Add-ins group.

When the Office Add-ins dialog box opens, hover the cursor over the Add-in.

You will see three dots; click on them and select Remove from the menu.

Repeat the steps for all the other Add-ins.

Now, restart Excel to see if the issue is solved.

4] Use VBA Code

There is a chance that you or someone else may have accidentally executed the hide Status Bar by using VBA or Macro. Follow the steps below to undo this command.

Press Alt+F11 to open the Excel VBA code Editor.

Now click the combination keys Ctrl + G to create a new window at the bottom of the VBA Code Editor.

Copy the following code below:

Application.DisplayStatusBar =TRUE

Press Enter.

Now press Ctrl + Q to execute the code.

5] Update Excel

If any of the solutions above do not work, maybe Excel needs to be updated. Follow the steps below to update Microsoft Excel.

Click the File tab.

On the Backstage view, click Account.

Click the Update Options button, then select Update Now from the menu.

Wait for the app to be updated, then close the Excel app and open it again.

Check if the status bar is still missing.

Can you hide the status bar in Excel?

In older versions of Microsoft Excel, there are ways you can hide the status bar, but in Excel 2007 and newer versions, you can hide the status bar by using VBA (Visual Basic Application.). You will have to write a code to enable the command.

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Where is the status bar located in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, the Status bar is located below the worksheet; it displays information about the worksheet. On the Status bar, you will see the Zoom in or Zoom out percentage, and you can switch the spreadsheet from Normal to Layout and Page Break Preview.

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We hope you understand how to fix the issue ‘Excel Status Bar is missing.’


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