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BSOD (Black/Blue Screen of Death) is an error screen displayed by the Windows OS when it encounters a fatal system error that causes an unexpected system shutdown or reboot. Technically known as Bug Check, Kernel Erro, or Stop Error, a “black screen” often provides useful information such as the error code and error name, allowing users and administrators to examine the scope of that particular error and fix it accordingly.

This article focuses on the EXCEPTION_ON_INVALID_STACK stop error. If you are seeing a black screen EXCEPTION_ON_INVALID_STACK (0x000001AA) while trying to install Windows 11, here are some tips to help you resolve this issue. Some users have also experienced this blue screen error while using their Windows 11 PC.

The EXCEPTION_ON_INVALID_STACK error check is 0x000001AA. This BugCheck indicates that throwing exceptions has jumped to an invalid kernel stack. This could mean that the kernel stack pointer was corrupted while the exception was being dispatched or unrolled (for example, due to frame pointer stack corruption), or that the driver is executing outside a stack that is not a valid kernel stack.


If you are seeing the EXCEPTION_ON_INVALID_STACK (0x000001AA) error on Windows 11 then, depending on your case, you can try the following suggestions:

  1. Check your PC’s hardware compatibility with Windows 11.
  2. Reset your RAM and try.
  3. Use alternative methods to install Windows 11.
  4. Run online blue screen troubleshooter.
  5. See the Windows Stop Error Guide for more suggestions.

Let’s look at this in detail.

1]Check the hardware compatibility of your Windows 11 PC.


Start by checking if your system is eligible to upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft offers a PC health check tool to check if your existing Windows 10 PC or laptop meets the necessary system requirements to run Windows 11.

  1. Press Search located in the taskbar area.
  2. Enter “computer health check”.
  3. Choose PC Health Check from the list of results.
  4. Press Check now.
  5. The PC Health Check will perform a comprehensive compliance check and show that this PC is Windows 11 compliant if it detects that your PC is compatible.

If you don’t see this message, a hardware incompatibility might be causing the EXCEPTION_ON_INVALID_STACK stop error. In this case, you can upgrade your PC or stay with your existing Windows 10 OS.

2]Reset RAM and try

Faulty RAM can also cause a black screen to appear. Try clearing the memory cache to free up RAM on your system. Restarting your Windows 11/10 PC is the easiest way to reset your RAM. Use the traditional way to shut down Windows. As soon as you remove the plug from the socket, the RAM starts to lose its data. When you start Windows again, the RAM is reset to a new state. Disable fast startup and periodically clear your swap file to make sure your computer is completely shut down.

3]Use alternative methods to install Windows 11.

Try an alternative method such as Media Creation Tool, Windows 11 Setup Assistant, or bootable media to update your system. The Media Creation Tool allows you to upgrade to Windows 11 or create installation media (USB flash drive/DVD/ISO file) to perform a clean install of Windows 11. Another way to force download and quickly install an upgrade to Windows 11 is to use the 11 Setup Assistant.

4]Run Online Blue/Black Screen Troubleshooter

Running the Microsoft Blue Screen Troubleshooter

Microsoft offers online troubleshooters to fix blue screen errors and black screen errors on Windows 11. The troubleshooters work like a wizard to help novice users fix blue/black screen errors. Run the troubleshooter and follow the detailed step by step instructions. By knowing exactly when you first encountered the error, the troubleshooter can help fix the problem for you.

5]See Windows Stop Error Guide for more suggestions.

Last but not least, refer to the Windows Stop Error Guide to understand and fix the kernel error. The guide offers comprehensive information on some of the most common Windows shutdown errors. It not only describes the error, but also suggests possible fixes while highlighting the causes of the error.

If all else fails, you may need to analyze the crash dump files with WhoCrashed or other Crash Dump Analyzer software for further troubleshooting.

Does Blue Screen of Death fix itself?

Usually, your Windows will automatically restart in case of a blue screen. By restarting the computer, Windows tries to fix the problem on its own. Although sometimes it doesn’t and you get a blue screen all the time. In this case, you should write down the error code for further investigation and resolution of the problem.

Can I turn off my computer during a blue screen?

The blue screen creates useful dumps that are used to analyze the root cause of the problem. So it’s better not to force shutdown until an error code appears on the screen. After the error code is displayed, you can press and hold the power button for a few seconds to get rid of the blue screen.


Above is the information about the EXCEPTION_ON_INVALID_STACK screen in Windows 11. Please leave a comment in the comment section below or like and share on social media to help spread the word about this decision.

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