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Fakfang is here. Cosplay as a new hero, RoV Bonnie, so cute.


Thursday, January 12, 2023, 1:30 p.m. 25 p.m., Indochina time.

RoV continues the tradition when launching new heroes, RoV into the game as before. by pulling actors Or a famous influencer to cosplay as the character of RoV Tua and the latest person that RoV has pulled to work with is Fakfang Thanatcha Pingpittayakul or many people know her as Fak. Fang is here.

Fakfang has collaborated with Rov to cosplay RoV as a new hero, Bonnie, although in the game RoV looks like a small child, contrary to Fakfang’s personality that we saw in the game. The list has arrived. But Fakfang shows off her talents well in cosplaying RoV as Bonnie.

Because she changed her look from a spicy girl to a cute little girl under RoV cosplay to Bonnie fully. Whether it’s posing poses, eyes and cute smiles that are unique to Bonnie and Fakfang, which are mixed with the RoV graphics team that puts the effect into an organized style full, therefore making this cosplay work out so good

The new hero RoV Bonnie who cosplays RoV by Fakfang has been successfully updated into the RoV game along with the start of the new season of RoV Season 25, which the team has now organized the ultimate pack event. Worth that we will receive a permanent hero Bonnie + new skin Otherworldly Theater Bonnie + dance moves for 299 coupons (period 11 January 2023 – 24 January 2023) or anyone who wants only the new hero RoV Bonnie can buy only Get it at the price of 99 coupons only.

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