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Famous affiliate VALORANT, The Guard, wins over M80 and enters the main league, and worries about The Guard that hopes not to repeat itself.


Famous affiliate VALORANT, The Guard, wins over M80 and enters the main league, and worries about The Guard that hopes not to repeat itself.

Friday, July 14, 2023, 5:44:37 a.m. Indochina time

After competing in the program VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Pacific: Ascension of the zone Pacific Just finished with the overwhelming victory of Blood Esports go with score 3-0 Resulting in a famous agency BLEED Esprots has been raised to team level league It will be one of the small starting points to step into the big battle. for finding a strong affiliation and competing in a large battle major item list Valuable Champions the end of the year

Of course, there are not only famous agencies from Pacific at Blood Esports that has the green light to continue in the level Le annual 2024 – 2025 Only because at the same time competition list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Americas: Ascension It has arrived at the final curve of the competition. playoffs


Although the final battle will be the competition of the tightest divisions like M80 But with the old game Including the sharpest shooting skills thus making this victory go to guard Without being too difficult with a score 3-1 (11:13 , 13:3 , 14:12 , 13:9) and seize the opportunity to step into league big of value keep going

Of course, with the competition that is quite intense, full of coffee flavor, thus making the way fns from affiliation NRG esports Although he regrets that M80 have to lose But the news came out to congratulate the players of the team. guard at Tex because can grab a ticket to enter league finally big After waiting for a long time

The next issue is the entry level competition. ascension of the year 2023 I have to learn to be honest that many agencies, including many competitors, do not feel very fond of or delighted in the form of competition. up to the size that the user Twitter One person came out and said With a brief idea as follows:

The only defeat of a level match ascension It has the greatest impact on your career.

due to level competition ascension in all 1 year, the competition will be held only 1 time, although the competition should be modified into other formats, such as splitting 2 – 3 splits per year and bring the scores of the teams to count to determine the affiliation to compete in the zone division round but due to competition which has a table of league packed together like canned fish


Including moving up to league the first time of value As a result, there may be some jams and empty periods that do not have a team competition. Level 2 until many agencies decided to release a large number of athletes For this reason, the way fns Came out to speak in support of the said message in a short way that “the form of competition is absurd”

even though the way guard will be able to grab a ticket to league of value came successfully, but their next interest would probably be a matter of “approaches after this of the agency” because in the past guard Rather, it’s not very well known because it seems that they often sell slots. league often in various games


Including mass layoffs at the beginning of the year (this link) makes it possible that the guard Might not want to make a team e-sports much Therefore, it is possible that they may have a talk behind the mic and sell such slots to other agencies, which may be different agencies such as G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, Shopify Rebellion until M80 It is also possible

In the end, we have to wait to follow each other that way. guard will continue to move forward with the team value in year 2024 Is it there or will they decide to leave it to the big agency to take care of it? to earn big money Ready to release the players in the team to the new affiliation in a whole set, you have to wait to follow and wait to see the next update.

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