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Fanpage “Not Ready, Not Giving Away” releases a mod in Thai for the game TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight. Platform gamers like this.


Thursday, May 25, 2023, 11:16:25 PM, Indochina time.

Good work, free work, come back again. When the fan page ” Not ready, not giving away “has released an announcement mod Thai language for the game TASOMACHI: Behind Twilight One of the indie games from the year. 2021 which the game comes in the form of 3D platform It’s designed to be fun and interesting.

part of the installation method mod Thai language TASOMACHI: Behind Twilight It can be done without difficulty. The details are as follows.

  • download file mod at the website of mud atthis link
  • extract the file of folder which is loaded out which will be named tasomachi-TH-Artdekdok_P.Pak
  • enter the program Steam > Library (game library)
  • Right click on the game TASOMACHI: Behind Twilight and select a topic Properties… (feature)
  • Choose a topic. local files then choose a topic Browse… to go to the game folder.
  • bring the file tasomachi-TH-Artdekdok_P.Pak obtained from the download Throw it into the game folder. tasomachi\Content\Paks
  • Enter the game and have fun with mod Thai language

for the game TASOMACHI: Behind Twilight There will be content about Yukumo A little girl who travels to various places by using an airship. But there was an incident that caused damage to the airship, causing Yukumo Must decide to take a break from traveling for a while and live in this mysterious city. along with finding a way to repair the airship so that it can return to normal use again

Finally, the game TASOMACHI: Behind Twilight Currently discounting up to 60% through the Steam website, with only the price remaining 115.60 baht for people who are interested and are looking for a cool game TASOMACHI: Behind Twilight It should be another game that answers the question well. Including being able to play more or less with pleasure

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