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FaZe Clan VALORANT announces retirement in 2023, releases full roster


Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 9:11:06 PM Indochina time

It is considered one of the saddest news of the industry. value When the agency is a giant from Level 2 at FaZe Clan Has announced the release of players within the affiliation as a whole set Although the agency will not announce that next year will return to the team or not. But one thing for sure is the end of the year. 2023 this way FaZe Clan should decide to stop working for the team value Put it first and turn to do something else instead because it is a free time for the player trading market to open.

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for the reason that FaZe Clan Decide not to continue with this set of players, it may be because of “not very good performance”, because even if they were able to keep themselves alive in the list. VALORANT Challenger League: North America in year 2024 But that wasn’t enough for them to be satisfied, because the ultimate goal of this tournament was to enter a large-scale battle. League (Franchise) which has a lot of money and fame inside it

In addition, it would be a matter of value for the team. which the website eco-news released the financial information of FaZe Clan in the middle of the month May 2023 Although this is not exact information or can be determined, it makes it clear that the agency has invested in the team. value to join than $224,000 or hit more than Thai money 7.7 million baht and at present there is no income returned to the agency. Therefore causing the agency to see that it is not worth taking risks for this year therefore decided to release the original set of players in order to save their own costs Then next year, think again about what to do next.


credit : eco-news

Although the subordinate FaZe Clan Will decide to let the main players go But for the women’s team, the way FaZe Clan Still doing it and it seems that they will compete in the round. playoffs of items VALORANT Game Changers 2023 Series II: North America which is a very important point collection item to step into the big list at the end of the year like VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Game Changers Championship the end of the year

Finally, for the competition VALORANT Game Changers 2023 Series II: North America will start the race July 27 to July 31 Which must wait to follow which agency will show their work until they can win the rankings 1 Of the competition successfully, we have to wait and see.

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