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Fix Broadcom BCM20702A0 Driver Error on Windows 11/10

Fix Broadcom BCM20702A0 Driver Error on Windows 11/10


Recently, some Windows 10s saw the error code BCM20702A0when you use Bluetooth and they are worried about what it is about. It’s safe to say it has something to do with your bluetooth driver. Error message in question:

The drivers for this device are not installed. There are no compatible drivers for this device.

The problem here is typically no longer allowing certain Bluetooth components to communicate properly with your Windows 10 operating system. This also affects laptops that don’t have built-in Bluetooth support; so the manufacturer installed the key internally to provide the service. This is not the best way to do things, because built-in support is always better. On the other hand, it is possible that you are using a Broadcom Bluetooth USB adapter that is not working and therefore the error manifests itself in an ugly head.

However, for the most part, many users never encounter the BCM20702A0 driver error, so it works.

What is BCM20702A0 device?

When you are using a bluetooth device, you can find the list in the device manager called BCM20702A0. The Broadcom BCM20702A0 driver is a device that allows certain Bluetooth components to communicate effectively with your Windows 10 operating system.

Fix Broadcom BCM20702A0 Driver Error

Our suggestions to fix this problem are as follows:

  1. Run the Bluetooth troubleshooter.
  2. Install Broadcom driver from official website
  3. Uninstall all Bluetooth drivers and USB controllers.

Let’s take a closer look.

1]Run the Bluetooth troubleshooter.

Ok, so the first thing you need to do here is run the bluetooth troubleshooter in the hopes that it will fix the problem. In many cases, this is the only action you will need to take, so let’s see how.

Click on Windows key + R, and immediately a small box should appear in the lower left corner of your computer screen.

To move on, copy and paste ms-settings: troubleshoot into the box, then press Enter on keyboard. The troubleshooting tab will open via Settings

After running the troubleshooting section, scroll down until you see Additional Troubleshooters… Choose this option now and you will be taken to a new location.

In the section that reads, Find and fix other problems, Please, choose Bluetooth

Now, after you’ve clicked the Bluetooth option, a drop-down menu will appear with an option to launch the troubleshooter.

To choose Run the troubleshooter, then sit down and let the tool do its thing. After you have completed the task, press Apply this fix if repair is needed.

Once the fix is ​​applied, restart your computer to complete the process and that’s it.

2]Install the Broadcom driver

Windows drivers for Broadcom Bluetooth devices are no longer published on their websites. They should be made available through Microsoft Windows Update, an optional update service. If the drivers were not automatically downloaded by Windows Update, use Device Manager to update the drive.

However, Broadcom Bluetooth drivers seem to be available here at Lenovo website… To fix it BCM20702A0r, you can download and install them.

After loading, right click on the loaded item and select Run as administrator… After installation, restart your computer and check again if it works.

3]Remove all Bluetooth drivers and USB controllers.


If you’re still reading, chances are the fixes suggested above didn’t work. Then the best next step is to uninstall all Bluetooth drivers. If you are using a dongle, remove the USB controllers as well.

To do this, click on Windows key + R, then copy and paste devmgmt.msc. Press the Enter key and the Device Manager window should appear immediately.

Find Bluetooth in the list, then click on it to open additional options from the drop-down menu. Right click on each of them and select “Delete”.

In the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” section, do the same as above, but make sure you only remove the ones with “Controller” in the name.

Restart your computer and Windows 10 will automatically reinstall the drivers. From there, check if the problem persists.

How to remove BCM20702A0?

To uninstall BCM20702A0 go to device manager. Then click the drop-down menu related to Bluetooth. Right click it and remove all drivers inside.

Hope this helps.



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