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Fix Keyboard input lag in Games on Windows PC

Fix Keyboard input lag in Games on Windows PC


Are you experiencing keyboard input lags in games on PC? Some users have reported facing delays while providing instructions through the keyboard or using the keyboard in games. In this post, we will discuss why you may face keyboard input delays in games and how you can fix this problem.

Fix keyboard input lag in games

Can keyboards have input lag?

Yes, keyboards can have slight input lag that depends upon various factors. However, gaming keyboards are designed such that they have little to no latency. The latency depends on the connection type of the keyboard and the polling rate. The wired keyboards have extremely low latency compared to the wireless keyboards. And keyboards with higher polling rates have low input lags.

Why does my keyboard lag in Windows 11 games?

Keyboard lags in games can be caused due to generic issues like a loosely connected keyboard (in the case of PCs), weak Bluetooth connection (for wireless keyboards), and discharged wireless keyboard. Apart from that, the problem may occur if the keyboard driver is outdated or corrupted. There can be other reasons for the same, including too many background programs, enabled VSync in-game or GPU settings, and playing an outdated game version.

Fix Keyboard input lag in Games on Windows PC

Here are the solutions you can use to fix keyboard input lags in games on your Windows PC:

  1. Some standard keyboard troubleshooting tips.
  2. Change your keyboard settings.
  3. Try using a wired keyboard.
  4. Terminate CPU-hogging background apps.
  5. Disable VSync in your game or GPU settings.
  6. Update your game.
  7. Update or reinstall keyboard drivers.

1] Some standard keyboard troubleshooting tips

First of all, check whether the keyboard lag is happening in just games or all your apps on Windows. If you are experiencing Typing delay generally, you can try running the Keyboard troubleshooter on your PC and check if it can address and fix keyboard issues.

You can also try some other standard keyboard lag troubleshooting tips and tricks to fix the issue:

  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting your keyboard and see if it helps. If it is a wired keyboard, you can remove it from the USB port and then reconnect it. If you use a wireless keyboard, try removing it from Bluetooth devices and then connecting again.
  • In the case of a USB keyboard, ensure it is not discharged.
  • If your PC is running at a way too high temperature or is too hot, this problem may occur. So, check your PC’s CPU temperature and let it cool down if it is high.
  • You might face game input lags if your keyboard keys contain accumulated dust. So, in that case, clean your keyboard and check if the problem is resolved.
  • If there are other devices and accessories connected to your computer, try disconnecting them, as they might be causing this problem.

If these tips don’t help you, move on to the advanced troubleshooting methods to get the issue fixed.

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2] Change your keyboard settings

Adjust Repeat Delay and Repeat Rate for keyboard

This issue might be triggered if your default keyboard configurations are not correct for your gaming setup. Hence, you can try changing your keyboard settings and check whether the issue is resolved. Here are the steps to do that:

  • First, open the Windows Search box and type Keyboard in it.
  • From the available results, choose the Keyboard Control Panel item.
  • Next, in the Speed tab, you can try adjusting the Repeat delay and Repeat rate options. Keep a faster Repeat rate.
  • Once done, press the OK button to save changes.

Check if the keyboard input lag in games is fixed or not.

3] Try using a wired keyboard

If you use a wireless keyboard, a choppy Bluetooth connection can cause keyboard lags in games. So, switch to a wired keyboard which is still more efficient than wireless keyboards. It should help you reduce keyboard lags in your games on PC.

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4] Terminate CPU-hogging background apps

Video games are generally CPU and GPU-intensive and require a lot of system resources to run correctly. So, if you have too many system resource-hogging applications running in the background, the game will likely freeze, and you might experience keyboard lags. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, close all unnecessary background apps are eating up your system resources.

First, open Task Manager using Ctrl+Shift+Esc and use the End task button to close the background apps. After that, open your game and check if the problem is resolved.

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5] Disable VSync in your game or GPU settings

VSync Nvidia

VSync is a handy function that provides a smooth gaming experience by synchronizing the game’s FPS with your monitor’s refresh rate. However, if you are experiencing keyboard input lags in games, it is recommended to disable the feature.

You can disable VSync in your game settings. Open your in-game graphics or video settings and switch off this function. If you have enabled it in your GPU settings, open your GPU settings and turn off VSync.

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6] Update your game

If your game is outdated, this problem might occur. Hence, please install the latest game patches and update your game to its latest version. You can use the game launcher to update the game.

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7] Reinstall keyboard drivers

Update keyboard drivers

If your keyboard drivers will likely cause input lags and delays in games. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, uninstall and reinstall the driver and see.

  • First, press Win+X and choose Device Manager from the shortcut list.
  • Now, expand the Keyboards category and right-click on your keyboard.
  • Next, choose the Uninstall driver option from the appeared context menu.
  • Follow the prompted instructions to complete the process.
  • Once done, restart your PC and allow Windows to reinstall the driver.

Check if the problem is resolved.

I hope this guide will help you eliminate input delays when using the keyboard in games on Windows.

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Fix keyboard input lag in games


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