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Forza Motorsport Will Give You The Driving Experience Forever | 4Gamers Thailand

Forza Motorsport Will Give You The Driving Experience Forever | 4Gamers Thailand


Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 10:44:42 PM Indochina time.

“Basically We are not planning a clear sequel at this time.” Forza series GM Dan Greenawalt has been working on motorsport games for two decades. But his remarks at a post-Xbox Showcase briefing on Sunday hinted that the new release could be the last game in the series. Forza Motorsport is now the eighth game in the franchise. Turn 10 Studios Driving Game

A lot has changed since Forza Motorsport 7 until it arrived in September 2017. “First Day with Game Pass” That paradigm shift started with Sea Of Thieves in 2018, and since then has become Microsoft’s entire business model. Microsoft now measures success like a social network. It focuses on monthly active users and playtime rather than sales. It’s therefore no surprise that Forza Motorsport is built more like a service-oriented game than a traditional AAA game.

While many of the modes that Forza players have come to expect from Online Multiplayer are being revamped, Turn 10 is betting that a new professional racing mode will keep players coming back weekly at the Creative Summer Game Fest. Game director Chris Esaki spoke to a group of journalists through a loop of the new career mode. and changes in the philosophy of the series

Esaki has described Forza Horizon as “A new perspective on falling in love with cars” We saw the event of a professional racing mode called the Builders Cup, which started with a selection of cars at the expo featuring three narrated cars of each model. After selecting one, you go to “open practice” which you will get to know the car These sessions are full of statistics and challenges. You earn Car Experience Points (CXP) for every corner you take. and the closer it gets to perfection The more CXPs you get, the more CXPs are specific to each car. And use it to upgrade parts and tune the performance of the car.

after open training You will enter a systematic tournament. “Challenge Grid” New that lets you bet on talented racers. You get to choose where to start on the Grid and the speed of your AI opponents, with higher rewards as the difficulty level increases. After competing in the racetrack You get more money for new cars and more car-specific CXPs. Then it’s on to the next open practice. More car customization and customization. and more racing

Esaki calls this loop “level, build, dominate.” He sees it as a way to get players interested in cars as a whole. Rather than having them head straight to Ferrari or Bugatti and this latest Forza Horizon, players can expect big patch updates every month. which will be launched week by week

We’re likely to hear more about Forza Motorsport before it launches on October 10th, and what’s interesting to try out are the new simulation features, such as a massive overhaul of physics and an AI-powered opponent. Improved Forza Motorsport is a game that will last forever. With a new experience every week designed to satisfy gamers’ desire for fresh racing action. And Microsoft’s requirements for monthly active users as well.


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