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free, open source and not on Google Play


You don’t need Google Play to find useful apps—these options are free, open source, and available from other stores.

6 Very Useful Android Apps You Must Try: Free, Open Source, and Not on Google Play
We select some of the most useful applications for Android that you can download outside of Google Play

On more than one occasion we have selected cool apps than are not available on Google Play by decision of its developers, or because they bypass some of the restrictions imposed by Google in their store. And it is that, frequently, we find fantastic tools in alternative stores to the Play Store, which undoubtedly deserve recognition from the public.

On this occasion, we have once again explored the catalogs of some of these alternative stores to offer you six great apps for Android free, open source and very useful, the download of which does not depend on Google Play.

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As always, before going on to see the applications, it is necessary to remember that F-Droid is an alternative app store to Google Play completely safe, whose catalog is made up of free and open source apps. Some of them are exclusive to that store, and others can also be downloaded from the official Google app store.


Shelter is a useful tool that allows you to create independent virtual spaces within your mobileto clone apps or install them within a work profile, to isolate them and prevent other apps from accessing their data.

It also offers other options, such as “freeze” apps to prevent them from running in the background when they are not used.

Although the application is available on Google Play, it is only possible to download the latest version via F-Droid.

Download on F-Droid | shelter

application control

An essential tool for the most advanced Android users. application control is a tool that shows the activities, services, permissions, signatures, libraries and much more of the apps installed on the device.

In addition, it offers other additional options such as the possibility of run specific activities or create shortcutsblock services to avoid excessive energy consumption in the background, and much more.

It includes tons of different features, some available to everyone, and some that will only work on rooted devices.

Download on F-Droid | application control


Transportr is probably the best free app to consult public transport schedules and routes.

The app has a very careful and intuitive design, and allows create travel itineraries automatically, check the next departures or favorite routes, and more. It is free and open source, and does not include advertising or trackers of any kind.

Download on F-Droid | transport


We have talked more than once about the need, or not, to have an antivirus installed on an Android mobile. The problem with most software of this type is that it’s too intrusive and, on many occasions, it subtracts more than it adds.

That’s why we liked it so much HypatiaY malware analyzer that runs in the background with hardly any memory or battery consumption, and that analyzes the downloaded files in the mobile memory looking for threats. The app allows choose which folders Storage needs to be examined frequently, and it works extremely fast (it can scan small files in just 20 milliseconds, and larger ones in just over a second).

Download on F-Droid | Hypatia


If you are looking for a good free app in which to keep track of your expenses, which also has a careful design and be respectful of your privacyYou should try sushi.

It allows you to manage your money with different accounts, being able to record purchases, expenses, transfers or income. In addition, the app offers useful graphics so you can visualize how your heritage evolves.

Download on F-Droid | sushi

right away

Birdy is the perfect app for those people who aren’t particularly good at remembering the birthdays of your family and friends. Instead of writing down the dates on a calendar, Birday allows us to keep track of birthdays of all those people who matter to us, with a careful and intuitive interface in the form of timeline.

It is an extremely light app, weighing only a few MBs. Despite this, it has an endless number of useful functions such as the option of import birthdays from the contact book, the possibility of customize notificationsa search bar to quickly find birthdays, a widget for the home screen and even a statistics dashboard about stored birthdays.

Download on F-Droid | Birdie

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