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Free Russian software for universities

Free Russian software for universities


Free Russian software for universities – a new initiative of the Ministry of Digital Development

This measure is aimed at improving the quality of education in the field of information technology and training of specialists.

The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation is developing an initiative that will enable universities to get free access to software included in the register of Russian software. About it declared Minister Maksut Shadayev at CNews FORUM-2023.

According to him, such a measure will allow universities to use any software for teaching students. “We believe that all software that is included in the register of Russian software should be provided free of charge to universities. In this sense, universities can use any software for the purposes of teaching students. And now we are working on this initiative,” Shadayev said.

The minister also spoke about the Digital Chairs program, which is being implemented jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science. As part of this program, more than 100 universities have been given the opportunity to create digital departments with budgetary support, where students can receive an additional specialty in the field of IT “without leaving their main specialty”. 130 thousand people are already studying at these departments, and about a third of them study machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data.

Shadayev stressed that when developing training programs, the Ministry of Digital Development relies on the needs of the industry and attracts not only software developers, but also IT companies from various sectors of the economy to cooperation. “They are already doing a program there that takes into account the specifics of the industry. That is, not just artificial intelligence, but artificial intelligence in a specific industry application,” the minister said.


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