Home SECURITY from Iran to Germany, a global spy network on Android phones

from Iran to Germany, a global spy network on Android phones

from Iran to Germany, a global spy network on Android phones


Spyhide: From Iran to Germany, the global spy network on Android phones

Harmless at first glance, the application is fraught with great opportunities.

Mobile spying app, Spyhide, has suddenly found itself in the spotlight after it became known for its massive activity to secretly collect private data from tens of thousands of Android devices around the world. Spyhide was developed in Iran, but its servers are hosted in Germany.

An attacker can install Spyhide spyware on a victim’s phone if they know the password of the target device. The program is designed to go unnoticed on the phone’s home screen, making it difficult to detect and remove. The inconspicuous Spyhide app continuously and discreetly collects contacts, messages, photos, call records and the exact location of the victim in real time.

A spy app usually masquerades as a regular Android app or process, making it harder to detect. Spyhide can impersonate the Settings app Google or the “T.Ringtone” ringtone app. After receiving permission to access device data, Spyhide starts sending private data to its servers.

Applications that mimic spyware Spyhide

Swiss hacker under the pseudonym “maia arsoncrimew” told that spyware developers unwittingly opened up part of their development environment, allowing access to the source code of a web panel that attackers use to view stolen data from their victims’ phones.

The data extracted from the Spyhide database contained detailed records of about 60,000 compromised Android devices that were stolen from 2016 to mid-July this year. The records included call logs, text messages, and years of accurate location history, as well as information about each file, such as when a photo or video was taken and uploaded, and when and how long the calls were recorded.

The database also contained over 2 million location points. Their analysis showed that Spyhide has a global presence spanning every continent, with thousands of victims in Europe and Brazil. More than 3,100 compromised devices have been registered in the US.

Map of victims’ locations Spyhide

The Spyhide database also contained records of 750,000 users who signed up for Spyhide with the intention of installing a spy app on the victim’s device. However, most of them did not install Spyhide after registration and did not pay for the service.

Although apps like Spyhide are banned from Google Play due to their ability to covertly track, users can still download and install the app from Spyhide’s official website.


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