Home Gaming G2 Esports VALORANT announces mass layoffs, with ShahZam taking over as their streamer

G2 Esports VALORANT announces mass layoffs, with ShahZam taking over as their streamer

G2 Esports VALORANT announces mass layoffs, with ShahZam taking over as their streamer


Saturday, July 8, 2023, 7:42 p.m. 47 p.m., Indochina time.

A few hours ago, the agency G2 esports released a surprise video The video will say “Thank you to the members of the team. G2 VALORANT “Ready to announce the release of both players 6 people (including coach and assistant coach) has officially left the agency.

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If going back to the beginning of the year 2023 after the game value Decided to change the competition from finding teams in each zone to be a form of league instead, by grabbing big agencies from many zones to seize the opportunity to compete in each zone and win tickets to enter the big competition at each level master’s degree and champion future


which at that time G2 esports It is one of the big clubs that are likely to get the chance to enter the franchise league as a big team from the zone. America very much, but due to the heated drama at the beginning of the year and their image is not very good therefore making the team value decided to cut them off the list as Le big, unfortunately

But after being affiliated G2 esports Mistake in getting tickets to class battles league It didn’t make them lose their minds to run the industry. value How much wasted because the way value There will be a separate team competition. Level 2 to find a new team to win the rankings 1 in each zone and selected to league Every year, it makes the way G2 esports Decided to grab the players in the current set to come out in the industry value again since the beginning of the month January 2023 since

But in the end, with their performance not very good Including competition in the zone America quite high competition, therefore G2 esports Being served by defeat without a break Although they were able to climb up to the lap. playoffs accomplished, but with greater intensity than that of guard resulting in G2 esports was closed the door, losing to the face since the round bottom round 2 Another fast

side part IGL of teams like Shahzam which is one of the players of the subordinate G2 esports dropped him down to stay as a streamer of the next subordinate because originally Shahzam is one of the most famous players in the industry frames per second Which performs both as a streamer and as a competitor quite well Therefore, it is not surprising that the way G2 e-sports Will keep that player for future use

Finally, although the way G2 esports will lose to the list VCL 2023: North America but due to their excellent work, therefore in the year 2024 They still have the right to compete in the list. VCL 2024: North America Next, which we have to wait and follow to see if the next year’s work G2 esports Will create a great work out Until they can grab the slot league in year 2024 Successful or not, we have to wait and follow each other.


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