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Game has crashed, Error Code (0x1)


Some players of Minecraft have recently complained about an issue where they get an error  0x1 stating their Windows is incompatible with the game’s launcher version. It displays an error as follows:

Incompatible with launcher version, download new launcher now! The game has crashed. Error Code: (0x1)

Game has crashed, Error Code (0x1)

Fix Minecraft Launcher Game has crashed, Error Code (0x1)

To fix The game has crashed, Error Code (0x1) on Minecraft on your Windows 11/10 PC, follow the two solutions laid out here to fix the problem:

  1. Install Minecraft Launcher from the Microsoft Store
  2. Fix outdated Minecraft drivers

Before you begin, make sure you have updated your Windows as well as the Minecraft Launcher and see if that works.

1] Install Minecraft Launcher from the Microsoft Store

Minecraft Launcher Microsoft Store

One of the best-known ways of putting a stop to Error Code: (0x1), is to ensure the Minecraft Launcher is installed directly from the Microsoft Store, so let us discuss how to get this done.

Open the Microsoft Store, locate Minecraft Launcher and click on the Get button to download and install the launcher to your computer.

Restart your computer, then launch the game to see if the problem has become a thing of the past.

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2] Fix outdated Minecraft drivers

Download NVIDIA drivers

If drivers are outdated, then it is possible issues may arise that could be the cause of Error Code: (0x1). To fix outdated Minecraft driver errors, you will have to update your drivers – esp. the graphic drivers, verify the version of Minecraft that is currently installed, and consider changing your GPU settings.

You can download and install driver updates directly from the official websites. Just go to the website of your driver manufacturers like IntelNVIDIA, or AMD, and then download and install the latest updates for the driver model you are using.

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Is Minecraft Launcher free now?

The Minecraft Launcher is a free tool, but you will still have to purchase the individual games if you want to play. So, as it stands, the launcher, while designed to aid in the opening of all the Minecraft titles on Windows, is a separate tool.

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Is Minecraft Java Edition free?

The Java edition of Minecraft is not free to play, and this will likely never change since it is still the most popular version despite the release of the Bedrock Edition that aims to replace it.

Game has crashed, Error Code (0x1)

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