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Garfield Snack Time v1.30.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Lives) Download

Garfield Snack Time v1.30.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Lives) Download


Garfield Snack Time is a puzzle game where players will overcome many levels with different requirements. Players will see interesting dishes of different colors and create a link to make them disappear and earn extra points. At the same time, the system of limiting moves and boosters will appear over time and bring advantages and disadvantages to players.

Garfield Snack Time Garfield Snack Time


In Garfield Snack Time, players will see a cat named Garfield sitting on a table with his glass of milk. Then its owner came and placed a basket with dishes of different colors inside on the table. Garfield noticed this basket, and after its owner left, he took the basket and prepared a picnic. At the same time, you will be an observer of this character’s interesting but equally challenging picnic.

Players will go through puzzle levels where players are forced to complete a specific task in this game. At the same time, players will be able to see an area with hexagons linked together, and they have colors that you can easily recognize. You will be able to make them disappear and get a certain amount of points in this game. The score is one of the requirements that players are forced to complete.


The player will see an area with lots of food with fun colors in Garfield Snack Time, and your job is to complete the level by completing the assigned task. Specifically, the player will see a progress bar with a number on the screen, and each time the player disappears some of the food, the bar will be partially filled. Players can also easily create a link between these foods and release them to make them disappear.

The creation of this link has characteristics that players can easily recognize that the player can only swipe forward, not backward. So, the link may not be straight, but it is possible to link many dishes of the same color, and you will be the one to find ways to link as many dishes as possible. In addition, depending on how many dishes you make disappear, you can quickly get different boosters.

Boosters are often a common element in puzzle games when they are created from many elements of the same type. Their effects are also different; you will need to consider them before using them. For example, you can create a rocket whose spawn location will be completely random, and it can disappear the last line you touched in the link. So you can make many things disappear at once.

Garfield Snack Time Garfield Snack Time


After the player sees the first level completed in Garfield Snack Time, the player will be able to see a running basket and spawn more levels. It can be said that the number of levels in puzzle games is diverse, with challenges and achievement systems that will constantly appear before you. So anyone should be able to find new mechanics, and one of the notable ones is the number of moves.

In the first stages of the game, players will be able to make unlimited links, and the required number of points will be completed quickly. But to the next level, the moves system will be added when the player is required to complete a level with limited links. The achievement of a level will usually be three gold stars that anyone tries to achieve.

Players will accompany the interesting cat Garfield:

  • Players will see Garfield’s delight after finding a basket full of food, and they will go with it through challenging puzzles.
  • These puzzles will give you dishes of different colors, and you can make links to make them disappear and get extra points.
  • Each level has tasks, such as reaching a certain number of points and the maximum achievement you can achieve is three gold stars.
  • Completely new mechanics are introduced to the player, and of course, the game will limit your moves after a few initial levels.
  • The boosters system is no longer a new system for puzzle game players when it can help you disappear many elements simultaneously.


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