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Genshim Impact staff releases artwork for two new characters, Dehya and Mika, and reveals Yaoyao’s interesting abilities.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 0:10:35 a.m. Indochina time

after the game Genshin Impact Announced to prepare to enter the version 3.4 Which comes with many different details added, including new skins from popular characters Kamisato Ayaka Super cute, which can read more atthis article

Also a few hours earlier. Genshin Impact Has come out to reveal images of new characters like Dehya Freelance Mercenary of the Sands as one of the possessors of fire elemental visions and is one of the main characters in the city Sumeru Importantly, including many different roles, including the possibility that Dehya Probably one of the new characters which will enter the game as a gacha character in the version 3.5 it can be

In addition, another new character was revealed. Mika A front line surveyor of the Knights of favonias from the city Monstadt The possessor of the ice elemental vision, even though he was only a small youth, but with a lot of talent and perseverance. and help everyone in the Knights of favonias thus making Mika He is one of the most trusted people. Jean

But that’s not all, because the way Genshin Impact has also released direct sales samples for the characters Yao Yao Come out to see the cuteness of the children for Yao Yao That will be a level wood character. 4 Dao, which plans to enter the game in the official version. 3.4 in the next few days

for the ability of Yao Yao It will be named Rafanus Sky Group

  • will be throwing Yue Gui Comes out with the following abilities.
    • If health is greater than 70% will make Yue Gui Deals wood damage to enemies.
    • If health is less than 70% will make Yue Gui Increase the health of the character according to the maximum health of Yao Yao

As for the special move, it will be named Adeptal Legacy

  • will create Yue Gui come out max 3 It deals wood damage. and treat the character at the same time
    • movement speed of Yao Yao more 15%
    • Yao Yao Gain increased wood resistance.
    • when Yao Yao Leaving the field, this ability will be canceled immediately.

have to wait and see if the new character Yao Yao How to make the ability to come out really playful? including two new characters added Dehya and Mika How interesting is the ability? must continue to follow

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