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Genshin Impact, a fan of the game, the gods, show their skills in playing the songs “Toh Rim” and “Jai Khong… Hurt” in a very intense way.


Monday, January 23, 2023, 0:40:52 a.m. Indochina time

since Genshin Impact Items such as musical instruments have been brought in since the version. 1.4 There were some players who came out to show many skills. Both bringing various anime songs to play until the same as the original Until the introduction of various musical instruments and causing the game to present many errors

Recently, I have a channel. YouTube Thai people named tofu have picked up musical instruments in the world Genshin Impact come out to play, but the interesting thing is He doesn’t pick songs that can be found everywhere on the internet, such as hits from anime or songs. meme different, but the song that he picked up to play will be one of the most popular songs from Thailand like ” Rim table ” of Non Thanon which way tofu was able to play out the same as the original until it was quite shocking

Certainly not the first time you tofu pick up Thai music to play on the channel YouTube of yourself, because in the period before you tofu had the opportunity to pick up famous songs like ” My heart is tied…it hurts “One of the original songs of YouTube number famous as hard rocker made in conjunction with ToNy_GospeL One of the most famous composers from Thailand.

Finally, for those of you who want to follow your performance. tofu can go to follow up in the channel YouTube of the owner and able to join in the encouragement Including providing support through various channels so that the person will have the strength to create more works in the future

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