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Genshin Impact released a direct sales trailer for Mika, a frontline scout for the Favonius Knights, with the ability to make Eula Maine open his eyes.


Saturday, March 18, 2023, 8:03:45 a.m. Indochina time

Back in the previous article, we had the opportunity to introduce the new “Gacha Machine” that is planning to enter the game in the official version. 3.5 The second half consists of Shen He and Kamisato Ayaka You can read more details atthis article

But inside the gacha cabinet, there is another interesting character. and has not yet been mentioned which is Frontline Survey Officer, Regiment of the Knights favonias character level 4 star Mika which has the ability to use a variety of weapons But the main weapon will be a magic medium, including Mika is also one of the holders vision Ice element and also comes with a character that is very cute and adorable that will make the protective girls tremble.

by the first ability of Mika It will be named star frost swirl

  • Attacks enemies with a crossbow.
    • when using the ability will fire a crossbow and deals cold damage to enemies.
    • When pressed and held, aiming will be done. to shoot the crossbow After the arrow of the crossbow will soar into the sky and deals damage to all enemies. 3 one
  • When the ability is used, it gets a status. soulwind Distributed to teammates
    • When fighting, the character that has received the status soulwind Has increased attack speed.

The special move of Mika It will not have much and is quite simple. which will be named Sky feather song

  • Restores health to all nearby characters. The amount of regeneration depends on the maximum health of Mika and give away status eagle give the characters within the team
  • When a character gets a status eagle Making an attack restores health to an ally. The amount of regeneration depends on the maximum health of Mika and will have a chance to restore health with such status to that character only 1 only once

After revealing the abilities of Mika I have to admit that the character Mika Considered as one of the late characters. support for healers Interesting, especially for ice element players. Including favorite characters Yula greatly due to the ability of Mika which will make Yula Can attack faster and if held with a personal sword like Song of the Broken Pine Guaranteed that they whack each other wrinkled for sure.

Finally, the characters in the next cabinet, whether Mika, Kamisato Ayaka and Shen He There are plans to enter the game officially. March 21, 2023 But for those who are not interested in all 3 characters, they can be preserved. first time Keep it to be given to new characters in the near future as well. which the next character will be, then have to wait and follow each other news

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